Black female politicians still victimised: ANCYL

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The ANC Women’s League says it still believes that a covert operation set up by the apartheid government to use journalists to discredit Winnie Madikizela -Mandela, never died post 1994, but just widened its net to target other black women politicians.

The league’s Secretary General, Meokgo Matuba , says most South African Media Houses though not all, are still being used for character assassination of women, particularly those who are in higher political positions.

Matuba says their call for transformation in ownership and control of Media houses is long overdue.

Meanwhile, the Huffington Post has taken down a controversial video clip in which Madikizela-Mandela accuses certain journalists of being apartheid agents.

In the clip , Madikezela-Mandela says the journalists reported negatively on her and the ANC carrying out the work of the apartheid security agency’s Stratcom.

Editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, Pieter du Toit, has apologised to two of the journalists mentioned in the clip for what he calls an editorial oversight, as neither was given the right to reply to the allegations in question.

Du Toit says both journalists mentioned have reputations for being honest and principled.

“We decided to remove the video clip from our website because the views of the two journalists concerned were not canvassed. The resultant furore and the manner in which their comments were misconstrued on social media led us to the conclusion that we must remove it as soon as possible and we have begun an internal investigation,” he said.