Black Business Council urges members to refrain from corruption

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The Black Business Council (BBC) has urged its members to observe clean business practices and refrain from corruption especially as the country battles coronavirus.

The council has criticised the alleged corruption relating to the R500 billion COVID-19 relief fund.

In the video below, President Cyril Ramaphosa announces the stimulus package:

The fund was meant to help the country deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. President Cyril Ramaphosa recently confirmed that the SIU was leading an investigation into alleged corruption.

“People need to follow the processes, we need our members and all black businesses, in general, to do business in a clean manner. The credibility of the systems both procurement systems of government and private businesses, that credibility is maintained. It is important that we don’t create that perception that we are becoming a country that is unruly where when there’s a crisis people are looking for opportunities,” says CEO of the Black Business Council, Kganki Matabane.

Corruption allegations against Khusela Diko 

Earlier, the Presidency announced that Spokesperson Khusela Diko has taken leave of absence.

This follows corruption allegations into the awarding of two contracts, for the supply of Personal Protective Equipment, to Royal Bhaca Projects; a company in which her husband is a director.

The company was allegedly awarded contracts worth R125 million. The deals have since been cancelled.

The Presidency says Diko made the request for a leave of absence pending the outcome of investigations into the contracts.