Bishop Mandla Jwara has been appointed the third Archbishop of Durban following the retirement of Cardinal Wilfred Napier. Napier has served close to 30 years as the second Archbishop of Durban.

Napier says archbishop Abel Gabuza, who was to succeed him, had died earlier of COVID-19.

Napier says one should always seek God’s will and has urged church members of the Catholic Church to welcome Bishop Jwara.

“It is with this history of God’s special thoughts and ways in mind, that I invite the faithful of the Archdiocese of Durban to open their hearts and minds and arms to welcome and accept Bishop Siegfred Jwara CMM, who has been appointed Archbishop of Durban with effect from 12 noon today the 9th of June 2021.”

Raymond Perrier from the Dennis Hurley Centre says Cardinal Napier has done a sterling job as Archbishop in Durban.

“He served the archdiocese here for almost 30 years and he has done such sterling work. No man in his early 30s should be forced to do a full-time job. He’s added a fantastic personal touch his ability to be utterly human. He treats the grandest people and homeless people with ease between, different people is really commendable.”