Thousands of Bikers against farm murders and racism converged at Union Buildings in Pretoria in a bid to get government to act against farm killings in the country. White crosses and roses were laid at the lawns of the Union buildings, paying tribute to farmers who have lost their lives violently.

The bikers embarked on a 50km mass ride this morning before making their way to the seat of government. They want President Cyril Ramaphosa to take a tough stance against farm murders. According to the police, 49 farm murders occurred during the 2019-2020 financial year. They say one murder is too many. One of them, Barend Craven, says the President’s silence is deafening.

“We have a very, very silent President over what a lot of European countries have termed a genocide. Why is he so quite? That’s what I wanna know. I don’t wanna know if it was a black farmer, a white farmer and Indian farmer.”

Craven says the march is also against racism and gender-based violence. He says farm attacks are more than just attacks. He describes them as gruesome crimes, mostly against women.

“Our murder rate is high, and sadly a lot of our murders are gender-based murders, they are violent and there’s a history of violence behind them and our murder are sowing a lot of torture characteristics, the nature of the people behind it. They are not going to go and steal a TV; they are going there for enjoyment of torture and a question a lot of people don’t ask is why? What’s the agenda behind this?”

Many who support this course say they hope this mass ride will get the President to act against farm attacks.

“It’s not just for the Whites but for everyone, there’re a lot Black farmers as well. The farmers are there for our future. If they get killed we will not get food. The government doesn’t show any sign or any shout about this, that why I’m so concerned about this, irrespective of colour.”

The Bikers Against Farm Murders and Racism Movement is planning an even bigger mass ride next year, with more than 100 000 bikers expected to attended.

In the video below, bikers take a stand against farm murders: