Biden feeling well and recovering in isolation after rebound case of COVID-19

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United States (US) President Joe Biden is feeling well and continuing his isolation measures after testing positive for COVID-19, his physician said in a memo released by the White House on Sunday.

“Given his rebound positivity which we reported yesterday, we continued daily monitoring. This morning, unsurprisingly, his SARS-CoV-2 antigen testing remained positive,” says Dr. Kevin O’ Connor

On the day of the memo being issued, Dr. O’ Connor had reported that the President had been in isolation for five days at the time of releasing the statement and that he has completed his five day course of PAXOVID.

He also added that he acknowledges the potential of the “rebound” COVID-19 positivity observed in a small percentage of patients treated with PAXOVID. With this being said, the President would continue his testing cadence to protect those around him and assure early detection of any return of viral replication.

Biden had planned to stop by the Capitol and visit families fighting to pass burn pits legislation, however COVID-19 got in the way, so he Face-Timed them and sent them pizza instead as he is still in isolation.