Bester admits to signing unlawful redraft at Eskom

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Former Fuel Sourcing Manager at Eskom Johann Bester has admitted before the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture that he signed an unlawful redraft of an agreement to increase coal supply from Tegeta to Eskom by 100 000 tons per month.

Bester says it seems his colleagues, Ms Ayanda Nthetha and Revindra Nath colluded with the Guptas to modify the letter and get him to sign it.

Bester says he was overwhelmed with other work and trusted Nthetha to manage the Tegeta matter in the best interest of Eskom.

One of the Commission of Evidence leaders, Advocate Kate Hofmeyer says the modifications to the letter removed key protections for Eskom and greatly benefitting Tegeta.

Bester became emotional when he was asked to respond to one of the three findings made against him in the Fundudzi report.

Bester says he did not report the alleged corruption with regards to Tegeta’s Brakfontein contract because he did not think it to be corrupt at the time.

He admits that he was under pressure from Tegeta with regards to changes and approvals relating to the Brakfontein contract.

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