Bench Marks Foundation calls on President Ramaphosa to resign over Marikana massacre

President Cyril Ramaphosa
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The Bench Marks Foundation is calling for President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign and that he be arrested for his alleged involvement in the 2012 Marikana Massacre.

Speaking during the Foundation’s webinar on lessons learnt 10 years since the massacre, Chairperson of the Foundation Bishop Jo Seoka stressed that President Ramaphosa failed to apologize and show remorse for what happened in Marikana.

Bishop Seoka also called for the dismissal of cases against the injured and arrested mineworkers.

Ten years since the infamous Marikana Massacre where thirty four mine workers were shot and killed and another seventy eight got injured, little has changed for many in this impoverished community.

Miners are still living in shacks, sewerage is seen flowing in some internal roads.

Speaking during engagements on lessons learnt since the massacre, residents paint an even bleaker picture of life in the mining settlement

“Since 2012 Marikana has not changed and I blame government and owners of the mines.”

“We are seeing a lot of people losing work and lack of corporate will of companies to pay these particular labourers.”

“If you come to Marikana town there are a lot of potholes, a lot of damages, everything is damaged.”

The Bench Marks Foundation says it is time the current president takes responsibility for his alleged involvement in the massacre.

Chairperson for Bench Mark Foundation, Bishop Joe Seoka says, “We have to get [President] Cyril Ramaphosa arrested. He got to resign as the president. He has failed to do a very simple thing that is requested by people to apologise, to show remorse for what happened and we have to call for his resignation and we have to work hard to ensure that he stands before a judge and accounts for what he did and possibly get arrested.”

Miners must be exonerated from the charges they face

Seoka is calling for the charges against the miners to be dropped.

“We have to call for a dismissal of the case against miners injured. Some of these people who were injured cannot get compensated because there is a court case hanging over them, until that is sorted out they won’t be compensated.”

Meanwhile, calls are mounting for the erection of a monument at the notorious koppie in memory of the deceased.