Bench Marks Foundation bewails lack of development in Marikana 10 years after the massacre

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Residents of Marikana RDP’s housing project in the North West say nothing has been done to improve their living conditions. They say the issue was part of the concerns raised during the strike by Lonmin mine employees in 2012.

This emerged during their meeting with the Bench Marks Foundation. The Foundation visited the area to check if there has been any progress since the fateful Marikana strike.

A community leader Lerato Lekabe says there are no developments, no houses, roads, and no high mast lights.

Unhealthy living conditions

The chairperson of the Bench Marks Foundation, Bishop Joe Seoka, concurs that nothing has been done to develop the area.

“Nothing has actually changed. As I speak to you, I can see a pig, I can see children jumping over, and I see chickens also just looking for something to eat. So the conditions are not conducive to a healthy society. I am sure people here must be suffering from breathing problems. I’m struggling right now to breathe, because the stench is so much, but not only that, on top there, there is a shaft. All the dust comes to these people.” says Seoka.

Bench Marks Foundation inspects developments in Marikana 10 years since the massacre: