Bemawu accuses SABC of unfair labour practices as CWU members head to the streets

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Bemawu, which represents workers at the SABC, has accused the board and management of unfair labour practices.

The union says the public broadcaster plans to convert permanent worker contracts to freelancers.

“We know the SABC has been exploiting freelance workers for many years. By replacing its permanent staff with freelancers is doing so even more. Freelancers does not have benefits like leave, sick leave, UIF, Medical Aid and Pension. It means being sick or going on leave is on a no-pay basis. The S189 process must stop in its entirety.”

The SABC board has announced a halt to the retrenchment process for the next 7 days.

However, unions say this is immaterial and the expected total blackout and strike will go ahead as planned today.

Bemawu President Hannes Du Buisson says their legal action in the Labour Court to interdict the retrenchment process will continue next week as scheduled.

Bemawu and the Communications Workers’ Union (CWU) say the only way the board can stop the expected blackout and strike is to terminate the retrenchment process and return to the negotiating table.

 The CWU’s Aubrey Tshabalala they will not back down until their demands are met. “Once they call us into a meeting where we deal with the facts then we will immediately say to workers lets go back to work lets engage on other discussion that will try to steer the ship away from troubled waters then we will do that but for now we are not going to be taken for a ride.”

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