Bela bela residents have mixed feelings about the Ankole cattle auction at Phala Phala Farm

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Some residents of Bela bela in Limpopo have expressed mixed feelings about the Ankole cattle auction, taking place today at Phala Phala farm. This follows President Cyril Ramaphosa’s farm being under public scrutiny, following revelations of a robbery in 2020.

The auction is organised by the Ankole Cattle Breeders Society of South Africa.

Watch: Media barred from attending Ankole cattle auction at Phala phala Farm 

Pressure is also mounting on Ramaphosa to reveal more details about the robbery.

Mmakgoba Mmekwa who has attended the auction was excited, saying the opportunity to potentially bid at the auction is exciting.

She elaborates, “The reason why we are here is just for us to get all the learning and see how we can go forward in terms of building general legacy for those coming after us. If you have seen, you may have seen a male domination among people coming to the farm, but then we thought we can come here and expose ourselves.”

Some residents say President Ramaphosa is being attacked politically, while some insist they are against spending so much money on wildlife and livestock. Residents say, “Mr Ramaphosa should give the money to charity, he has got enough money. I also don’t think he is someone, who can steal from someone else, I have met him and he is a very straight forward man. People underestimated him, his money is made honestly, he is has worked hard for it.”

“We have cattle on the auction that’s my reason for the visit as well.” says some farmers who had brought their livestock for auction.

However, the media was barred from attending the Ankole livestock auction.