The Beijing Airmail Processing Center has enhanced anti-epidemic measures in dealing with parcels from overseas in order to prevent possible inbound infections.

The processing centre in Tianzhu Airport terminal site handles about 120,000 mails and parcels flying to the Chinese capital each day on a 24-hour run

All parcels that have undergone disinfection at the airport will be sprayed with alcohol again at the processing site after completing customs checks.

In the unpacking area which is under close-off management, workers wear face shields, masks and gloves while conducting work.

The parcels will then be put in a ventilated place for 24 hours.

“The parcels will be placed for another 24 hours after being unpacked and disinfected. Each parcel must be placed for at least 48 hours before delivery. We must ensure no virus survives on the outer packaging.” said Zhao Jing, manager of Tianzhu airport terminal site.

After several rounds of thorough disinfection, workers will put a reminder on the outer packaging of each parcel to remind users of disinfecting inside of parcel when they receive it.

All front-line workers who have direct contact with international mails and parcels, as well as others at great risk of exposure are under strict management.

“All workers at the site are required to get booster doses according to regulation. They are provided with centralized accommodation, isolated working and living areas. They are also asked to take nucleic acid testing every other day,” said Zhao.

Chinese postal authorities have also required express delivery companies not to provide any courier service for imported goods from individuals if they fail to provide relevant safety certificates and conduct disinfection.