The South African Revenue Service (SARS) says it may take legal action against The Sunday Times Newspaper and the author of the book, ‘My President’s Keeper’ Jacque Pauw.

On Sunday, the newspaper published an extract from the book, which reveals that President Jacob Zuma has failed to submit his tax returns for a number of years. SARS has also criticised Pauw for what it calls the unsubstantiated allegation that Commissioner Tom Moyane is aiding President Zuma to evade tax.

SARS spokesperson Sandile Memela says the Sunday Times and Pauw have broken the law.

“SARS is seeking legal advice on what steps to take, and this will include but is not limited to, a criminal and civil investigation against Mr. Pauw and the Sunday Times pertaining to the unlawful disclosure of confidential tax payer information,” says Memela.