More disruptions at UCT could be detrimental

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The University of Cape Town says further disruptions to the academic year will have devastating consequences for students. On Thursday night around 200 students went on the rampage, starting fires and causing havoc on the campus.

One student was arrested Friday morning after being part of a group which barricaded a street on campus.

Classes continued at UCT despite overnight violence. The institution obtained an interdict on Monday to stop students from disrupting campus operations. Management insists that they’ll continue to use private security and police to ensure that the academic year is completed in eight days’ time. UCT Vice Chancellor, Max Price, says private security will remain on campus as long as there are threats to buildings, students and staff.

“ If the disruptions continue then they will have to switch to blended learning, which will include recorded lectures and online learning materials, instead of face to face lectures.”

Second year Geological Sciences student, Zandi Rothman, says although blended learning will allow them to complete their curriculum, face-to-face lectures are more effective.

“I prefer face to face lectures over blended learning, especially in the science faculty, because sometimes I have questions I want to ask in class, but if there’s no lecturer, that is not always possible.”

UCT management says they will do everything possible to ensure that they complete the academic year and students write exams.