MDC-T to vote with ZANU-PF to vote to impeach Mugabe

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Zimbabwe’s opposition coalition, MDC-T, says it will vote with ZANU-PF to impeach Robert Mugabe. A motion to impeach Mugabe is expected to be tabled shortly when Zimbabwe’s Parliament convenes Tuesday afternoon.

On Monday, the ruling party served Mugabe with a formal notice to remove him.

MDC-T’s vice President Thokozani Khupe says there is only one way to vote – and that is to support ZANU-PF’s motion to impeach Robert Mugabe.

She says while it may be a lengthy process – the end result is what they’ve been fighting for for years.

Meanwhile, state newspaper, The Herald is reporting that the cabinet meeting called by President Mugabe never happened as planned. ZANU-PF ministers snubbed the meeting following a party decision to disregard the appointment.

The party clearly stated on Monday that any cabinet minister found to be meeting with President Robert Mugabe will be removed from parliament.

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