Land reform poses a threat to food security: AgriSA

Deputy President of AgriSA Pierre Vercuelli
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AgriSA says its opposition to expropriation of land without compensation doesn’t mean that it’s against land reform.

The farmer’s union says the proposed change poses a threat to food security, and sustainable agrarian reform. It has threatened to approach the courts if section 25 of the constitution is amended.

Agri-SA does not support the amendment of Section 25 of the Constitution. It says it will hold the African National Congress (ANC) and President Cyril Ramaphosa accountable for promising that the process won’t undermine the economy, agricultural production or food security.

Deputy President of AgriSA Pierre Vercuelli says, “This whole debate is impacting negatively on commercial agriculture. The commercial agriculture and farmers in South Africa are not anti-land reform, we actually were positive about land reform.”

The farmer’s union says it will approach the courts if the section is amended. Their call is supported by the Wool Growers’ Association of South Africa.

National Wool Growers’ Association of SA Siphiwo Makinana says, “If these farms have failed and now you take another land and give to people who didn’t get skills for commercial agriculture, then that land is going to lay fallow.”

The ANC, supported by the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) and other smaller parties, managed to garner enough numbers to pass the report, calling for a constitutional amendment to allow for land expropriation without compensation in Parliament.

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