Erratic weather conditions attributed to climate change: Expert

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University of KwaZulu-Natal Agrometeorologist Doctor Alistair Clulow says current weather patterns being experienced in the province can be attributed to climate change.

In a recent statement, the KwaZulu-Natal government said that about 798 households were affected by natural disasters since October and 14 people have lost their lives.

Clulow says man’s actions are contributing to the accelerating, erratic weather conditions.

He says climate change is quite complicated and there are still a lot of people doubting the existence of climate change, saying it is a natural phenomenon.

“I agree with that the world has gone through warming and cooling cycles and we are currently in a warming cycle. But what we have to acknowledge is that mankind has accelerated the natural underlying warming cycle that we have we seen quite rapid changes currently.”

“Because of our activity, mainly the release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, that will drive quite violent and adverse weather events.”