DRC vote counting in progress, amid internet shutdown

Someone casting their vote.
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The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) awaits results of the crucial vote after government allegedly shut down the internet to avoid post-election disorder.

The Editor of the Kinshasa Times Aime Zonveni explains that the government has probably shut down the internet to avoid turmoil and dissension from rising and that despite some voting problems like health and security risks it was a peaceful election.

Beni and Butembo were unable to vote due to an Ebola outbreak however these cities will still be voting in March according to Zonveni.

“In Beni, people were quite very unhappy because this is part of the country that has been suffering many violence for many years now. To them the elections were the opportunity for them to very openly express their discontent and have their voice heard but unfortunately they say that they were robbed of that opportunity because when they vote in March they will not be voting for a president because the president will be inaugurated in January, while they will be casting their ballots in March.”

The provisional results will be announced on Sunday by the electron commission. However, all three opposition parties are claiming the win.

Losing parties can file their dispute with the courts within 10 days. The president will be inaugurated on January 18th.

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