Batman comic shifts focus to Robin’s private life, his sexuality

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Caped Crusaders Batman and Robin have been busy fighting crime together for years, but now the focus of the story has shifted to Robin’s private life as he explores his sexuality.

In the latest edition of DC comics’ series “Batman: Urban Legends,” character Tim Drake, who is the third version of Robin, is seen accepting an offer of a date from a male friend.

“There’s been a bunch of conversations about whether or not he’s been queer coded throughout time, and this just felt like the piece that was missing in order to understand Tim Drake’s story better,” writer Meghan Fitzmartin says.

Known as the Boy Wonder, Robin first appeared as Batman’s sidekick in 1940, and since then he has been featured in many comics depicting the DC Universe.

Fitzmartin says she is delighted DC was happy to expand his personal story and that there is no label on his sexuality.

“I think that for Tim, he’s still figuring it out … like, ‘Oh, this is something that I didn’t expect and would like to investigate more’, because that’s who he is as a person.”

Fitzmartin says she didn’t realize what an impact this storyline would have and hopes it raises awareness that “people exist who are questioning and queer and in various states of understanding their own sexuality.”

“I want people who maybe don’t have access to this type of content to feel seen and feel heard. And I also want those who maybe have never … knowingly met a queer person before to…see that Tim Drake exists,” she says.