Basic Education spokesperson should undergo gender-sensitization training

Basic Education Department Spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga posted a series of pictures of semi-naked women as part of the department's Read to Lead campaign.
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The Commission on Gender Equality has recommended that the Department of Basic Education spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga undergo gender-sensitisation training.

This comes after Mhlanga posted a sexist tweeted as part of the #readtolead campaign last month.

The commission met Mhlanga and the department’s Director General Mantanzima Mlweli over the matter last Wednesday.

The commission’s spokesperson Javu Baloyi said the objectification of women as a marketing strategy has the power to negatively shape the attitudes of children towards women.

“Those things we do not want them to be seen in society where women are demeaned, where women are insulted. It is not only Mr Mhlanga, but we are setting a precedent with Mr Mhlanga that those who want to do these things should think twice before doing this because the Commission for Gender Equality will deal with them decisively,” adds Baloyi.