Bapedi royal house legal squabbles continue

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The succession battle over the Bapedi Kingship is expected to be heard before the Supreme Court of Appeals soon.

This follows the application made by the late King Victor Thulare the third’s mother, Queen Manyaku Thulare to appeal a ruling handed down by the Polokwane High Court in October last year.

The ruling by Judge Ephraim Makgoba was in favour of the application by Royal Council members who want the late king’s brother, Ernest Morwamohube, to be appointed as acting king of the Bapedi.

Spokesperson for royals who support Queen Manyaku Thulare, Ntoampe Mampuru says she will rule until the matter is settled in court.

“The Supreme Court of Appeals made a ruling on the 5th of May that the previous high court ruling by Judge Makgoba can be appealed. It will be heard from scratch. Manyaku Thulare still sits as the acting king together with some members of the royal council.”

Battle of the Bapedi throne continues: