The formal bail application of alleged Westbury gang boss, Leroy Brown will be heard on Thursday in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court.

The alleged gang leader appeared in court on Friday with his co-accused Christopher Charles.

Brown was in court for the second time this week, following the brawl between Varados members and rival gang Fast Guns.

Brown and Charles were apprehended separately last week for the alleged 2016 murder of Westbury resident Reagan Jacobs.

Mayhem occurred at the Johannesburg Magistrate Court that quickly transformed ordinary court’s corridors into an action movie scene.

On Wednesday, members of the rival Varados and Fast Guns gangs attacked each other ahead of the appearance of leaders Keenan Ebrahim and Brown. Two suspects involved in the clash were arrested.

Minister of Justice, Ronald Lamola visited the court in response to incident. “This incident, we take it very serious. Although the police acted very swiftly and responded, it was an attempt to disrupt the administration of justice. We cannot afford for that to happen because the administration of justice sits as the cornerstone of the democracy.”

Amid tight security, Charles made a brief appearance in the dock in an attempt to apply for bail. The state pushed for a postponement and said they are in the process of acquiring another warrant for Brown.

Meanwhile, in Westbury a resident that asked to remain anonymous says the gangs have instilled fear in the area.

“The community is crying because they can’t even come to court because they are scared of these guys. There are some guys who have been threatened. We can’t even stand up straight in our house, by the windows. We have to sit. We can’t even walk straight by your front door even, because of the continued violence.”

Fearful residents declined to speak about gangsterism. Others say the recent arrest of gang leader has led to a hiatus in crime.