Back and forth, high emotions at Gordhan’s cross examination

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Emotions have run high during the cross-examination at the State Capture Commission in Johannesburg of Minister Pravin Gordhan by Tom Moyane’s legal counsel Dali Mpofu.

Moyane’s legal team first accused evidence leader Matthew Chaskalson of wasting time by allowing Minister Gordhan to give long replies on matters that they claimed were already public knowledge.

During the cross-examination, Mpofu accused Gordhan of arrogance after the Minister refused to give a yes or no answer.

Gordhan says he does have evidence that former SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane was involved in state capture.

Earlier, the commission gave Moyane permission to question Gordhan after he earlier testified that Moyane laid a criminal complaint against him to advance his own interests. During the cross-examination, Mpofu also asked Gordhan whether or not he had evidence of former President Jacob Zuma’s involvement in state capture.

“You have no personal evidence known to you that Moyane was part of State Capture apart from gossip?” To which Gordhan responded, “No I do. ”

Mpofu continues “You do? good. Do you have evidence that President Zuma was part of State Capture or corruption?” and Gordhan replied by saying “That’s not relevant to this matter here.”

The State Capture continues: