Baby Daniel’s murderer sentenced to life imprisonment

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Baby Daniel’s murderer will spend life behind bars. The three-year-old died at the hands of his mother’s lover in 2016. The mother will spend two decades for child abuse and neglect.

The South Gauteng High Court handed down sentencing on Wednesday.

While the imprisonment of baby Daniel’s killers won’t bring him back, this case will set a precedent for other couples who face charges of child abuse.

A short life filled with pain and abuse, baby Daniel was beaten and tortured by his mother’s boyfriend.

At three years old, he took his last breath and his remains left with a broken femur, injured ribs and 60% of burns on his infant body.

Magistrate Collin Matshitse says that evidence indicates that baby Daniel lived a life of abuse.

“It is clear from the evidence that the innocent baby lived a life of abuse and he was subjected to neglect.”

Magistrate Matshitse told the pair they had committed a serious crime by taking the life of an innocent child. He said the violent crimes must receive the appropriate sentences.

“It is due to the nature of the seriousness of this crime that the court sentences both to 10 years for child neglect, 10 years for accused one, and accused two, life sentence.”

Their sentences will run concurrently.