Azapo takes election campaign to Mthatha

Strike Thokwana
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Azapo president, Strike Thokwane, has taken his electioneering campaign to the streets of Mthatha in the Eastern Cape.

Thokoane interacted with people and told them that land and education will be among the main issues that his party will focus on.

He also promises that if Azapo is voted into power there will be free education up to tertiary level.

“Azapo on the issues of land and the dignity of our people is something that we have been consistent with. But we also thinking that the education system must be free from the primary to tertiary and then we must also decolonise it because our children are really frustrated by what is going on , we do not see any change so that is issue of land , that issue of the dignity of our people and the giving them the black power and promoting it is very paramount to us.”

Meanwhile, one of the staunch members of Azapo, Mzolisi Siyo, says his party has the potential to represent the interest of the black community.

“People never new about Azapo, they knew about ANC and the PAC but now that the PAC is no longer in the space, I think Azapo is relevant as more especially people used to trust the ANC and if the AN C is no longer trustable, people are looking for alternative organizations for black people so Azapo is still a relevant organisation but it’s just that you do not find where the people live.”

Watch video below: