Azanian People’s Organisation (Azapo) has conducted its door-to-door campaign, led by the party president Strike Thokoane in Lenyenye, outside Tzaneen.

Thokoane says his visit to the area is a bid to find out first-hand experience of the residents’ living conditions.

The campaign targeted the local shopping centre and later moved to residential areas identified by local party officials.

Unemployment remains top of the voter’s complaint even in Lenyeye. Bad roads, lack of water, education were also on the list of complaints.

Azapo leader says he diagnosed the problems plaguing the community.

He says many voters felt neglected and were reluctant to vote because they felt that nothing is improving for them.

With only 0.11% of votes from the 2014 elections, Azapo says it is confident it will get enough votes to change people’s lives.

Strike Thokoane says, “People need to vote for Azapo in order to for us to get their grievances resolved, as they are a party that cares for the black people and their dignity.”