Azapo confident of good performance in elections

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Leader of the Azanian People’s Organisation (Azapo), Strike Thokoane, says he is confident that the party will perform well in the upcoming general elections.

Earlier on Sunday, the party visited numerous families in Sebokeng, in the Vaal, in a last ditch attempt to sway voters in its favour.

Sunday marks the last day of campaigning for political parties before the 2019 general elections start.

Thokoane says the party has been getting positive feedback from voters.

Azapo has been struggling to get votes at the polls, failing to secure a seat in the National Assembly in 2014.

However, Thokoane is adamant things will be different this time around and the party’s efforts to win the hearts and minds of South Africans will bear fruit. “We perform in accordance with what we have been doing, come the 8th of May.”