The first album of new music by the late Swedish musician and record producer, Avicci (a-vee-chee), who had close ties with Cape Town, is being released globally on Thursday. Universal Music South Africa says the 12-track collection titled, “Tim”, pays tribute to the 29 year-old DJ, who is known as Tim Bergling, who died unexpectedly in Oman in April last year.

The album, including the hit singles, “S.O.S” and “Tough Love”, features eight other well-known artists from the international music scene such as, “Imagine Dragons”, who collaborated on the much anticipated project. Avicii left clear notes about how he wanted to finish the music and who his production partners should be.

Universal Music says the songwriters he worked with before his death used notes, email conversations and text messages to complete the almost finished collection of songs and dance tracks.

Bergling, who toured South Africa only once in 2012, on many occasions visited his friends in the Mother City. Avicii also shared Instagram images of him and his friends at several tourist spots in the city the year before his tragic death in the Middle East.