Authorities must clamp down on “sex for jobs” activities: Maimane

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Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane says authorities must clamp down on the “sex for jobs” activities where women are forced to trade sexual favours with men to get a job.

Earlier, Maimane accompanied two women to open cases at the Nelspruit Police Station in Mpumalanga against a Department of Health employee who they accuse of soliciting sexual favours in exchange for jobs.

Maimane has also accused the provincial Health Department of failing the two women. He says this trend is worryingly becoming a national scourge.

“They went there looking for the job, they didn’t go there so that if they get that job they must sleep with that guy. They were simply doing what any unemployed person does which is to look for work. Now when a perpetrator realises that they have power and they abuse the people. You can’t say that is consensual, you must say that is abuse of power and corruption and that tsotsi must be arrested.”