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World Athletics partners with parkrun to improve global health
28 June 2020, 5:26 PM

World Athletics will partner with Parkrun Global Limited, a United Kingdom based charity that organises parkrun events, in a bid to grow the sport of athletics and improve fitness standards across the world, the sport’s governing body said on Sunday.

The parkrun movement, in which people take part in weekly 5 or 2 km runs organised by volunteers, began as a group of 13 friends in a London park in 2004.

It now attracts more than three million participants globally.

“We have just approved a strategic plan that has the main objective of using the power and accessibility of athletics and our athletes to create a healthier and fitter world,” World Athletics CEO Jon Ridgeon said.

Parkrun chief Nick Pearson said the two organisations would work towards improving fitness standards worldwide by encouraging people to stay active.

“Exercise and physical activity is more accessible and sustainable where sports organisations collaborate and work towards mutual goals,” Pearson said.

Parkrun was halted in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic but events in New Zealand will resume on July 4, with strict health measures in place.

Gender based violence
Chesterville community members demand justice over rape incidents
28 June 2020, 4:47 PM

The Chesterville community in Durban is demanding justice after a grandmother and her six-year-old grandchild were raped this Sunday morning. It’s alleged that the grandmother opened the door to someone she knows who then raped her and her granddaughter. A neighbour who wishes to remain anonymous says she found the victim traumatised inside her house.

“She confirmed that the suspect also raped and strangled the child. When I checked the child’s panties there was blood and there was also a trail of blood leading to the toilet. I left to seek help from other neighbours and told them what happened. When I went back to the house I saw the suspect and ran away. When he was asked what he’s doing at the victims’ house so early in the morning he said he went to look for his phones.”

A relative who cannot be named to protect the victims’ identities says the family is angry.

“The problem I have with this whole thing is that this guy came here and did what he did and then he went away and came back again because he forgot his phone and came back to fetch his phone. That really angers me. So, what I want from the police is for them to do their job.”

Limpopo police looking for two rape suspects

Meanwhile, Limpopo police are looking for two rape suspects who allegedly raped two teenage girls in two separate incidents in the Senwabarwana and Bolobedu areas.

One of the suspects is a 15-year-old boy who allegedly raped his 13-year-old sister on two occasions.

It is alleged that the 13-year-old girl was first raped by her 15-year-old brother at their home while watching TV. The suspect allegedly raped the young girl for the second time while the family slept.

In a separate case, it is alleged that a 14-year-old girl was raped while walking home from school between Malele and Rammutla villages. It is further alleged that the rape happened in the presence of the learner’s friend, whom the suspect had allegedly constrained while he committed the crime.

Police say both suspects are on the run.

Limpopo Social Development Spokesperson, Witness Tiva says social workers have been deployed to offer counselling services to the families of the victims.

“We are continuing to lose the lives of women and children and some children are being raped at the hands of perpetrators who are supposed to be loving and caring for them. As the department, we have already deployed social workers to the affected families where they are providing psycho-social support in terms of ensuring that their families and the victims are coping.,” says Tiva.

In the video below, Marike Killer discusses the protection orders against Gender-based Violence:

Role of culture in GBV

SABC reporter Busisiwe Jemsana-Mantashe in Eastern Cape investigated the role of culture as an enabling weapon against women. She spoke to women abused by their husbands. Their suffering only ended when the men died.

Below is a discussion about the role of culture in GBV:


Secunda family seeking compensation from Municipality over son’s electrocution
28 June 2020, 3:48 PM

A Secunda family wants the Govan Mbeki Municipality to compensate them after their 12-year-old son was electrocuted by cables that were allegedly left unattended two years ago. This incident left 12-year-old Hlalefo Mapesoane disabled.

Hlalefo Mapesoane was in Grade 4 when he was struck by electrical cables that left both his hands amputated. The 12-year-old boy’s future was shattered because he had to leave school. It’s alleged the electricity cables were left unattended by municipal officials.

Speaking to the SABC News, Hlalefo says he misses going to school and playing soccer with his friends.

“I’m missing playing soccer with my friends and also going to school,” he laments.

According to the family, the Govan Mbeki Municipality was informed about the cables on the street. This matter was only attended to after the incident.

Hlalefo was hospitalised with burnt wounds all over his body.

Hlalefo’s mother Nthabeleng says she is disappointed at the way the municipal officials are treating this matter.

“The municipality was informed about the cable but they didn’t respond. They only responded after my child was injured,” says Nthabeleng.

Hlalefo needs to go to the hospital once a week. His father, Johannes Mapesoane says the municipality has failed to help them with medical fees.

“I lost my job shortly after the incident. It’s very cold inside the house because the house is a shack and the child has bandages all over his body and he gets very cold easily. He has to be taken to hospital once a week and now the municipality is not helping us with anything,” says Mapesoane.

The Govan Mbeki Municipality could not comment on this matter saying they have to meet with the family first because the matter is sensitive.

Limpopo family lays complaint with health authorities over hospital’s ‘delay’ in reporting loved one’s death
28 June 2020, 5:00 AM

A Limpopo family has lodged a complaint with the Department of Health after the Musina Hospital allegedly took six days to inform them about the death of a family member. The family could not visit the hospital as visitors are no allowed due to COVID 19 regulations.

They tried to phone the hospital two days after his admission to inquire about his condition, but hospital officials told them to wait and the management will revert to them. But the promise, the family says, never materialised.

Samuel Ndou was admitted at the hospital on the 15th June and died the following day.

“He was admitted on the 15th and died on the 17th of this month, even though we had left our contacts at the hospital but the officials never bothered to phone us to tell us about his passing on. We are not happy and we are asking ourselves questions. We don’t think its how members of the community should be treated if a family member died in hospital. We could not visit the hospital because of the coronavirus, but we expected them to contact us but they did not,” says Family Spokesperson, Anikie Mudau.

“We phoned the hospital on the 17th to inquire about his health and we were told to wait, they will revert back to us. We waited then until on the 23rd when someone from to mortuary section phoned us. We were not called by the nurses, doctors or management of the hospital. It’s only a mortuary staff member who phones after realising that it has been six days since the body was brought there and they had not been any family member coming to make arrangements,” says Madau.

Provincial Health Spokesperson Neil Shikwambana says they are investigating the matter.

“We can’t comment now, because the family has come to us and laid a complaint through our quality assurance office. So, when a person laid a complain we must then institute and investigation, so that we give a report that is informed by investigation but the standard way of handling issues is that when a person passes on in the hospital we should be able to contact or we should contact his or her next to kin to notify them,” says Shikwambana.

Shikwambana says the results of the investigation will be given to the family.

South Africans eagerly await return of football
27 June 2020, 9:25 PM

South Africans are still waiting for the return of professional football in the country. Early this week, Sports Minister Nathi Mthethwa gave football authorities the green light to resume training.

The National Soccer League is looking for a suitable area, preferably a warmer place that isn’t a COVID-19 hotspot, where the remaining matches of the season will be played.

In the video below, Mthethwa briefs the media on the resumption of sports:

All 32 teams and officials will be expected to be in one area for the duration of all the remaining matches.

The challenge that the football authorities might be faced with is that match officials are not employed by the football governing body, SAFA or the Premier Soccer League (PSL). Most of them have jobs where they are employed full time. Being away from their work for over a month might be a huge challenge.

Referee Victor Hlungwani has been a professional referee since 2001. He has been the middleman in four finals in the domestic competition. At the end of the 2011/2012 season he was named the Referee of the Season in South Africa.

The 44-year-old, who holds a teaching qualification, works for Rand Water in the Vaal region.

Hlungwani is eager to see the return of football matches in the country.

“Definitely the league needs all those people to complete the season because it’s a critical stage of the season where you need quality refereeing. The sooner all safety protocols are observed and adhered to, we come back. Let the winner win on the field not on some coronavirus meeting. Football is won on the field, so I’ll be very happy to see football returning so that we finish. We are in a tight situation because refereeing is not a fulltime job. It’s going to be difficult but we made our input to the referee’s department that maybe they can divide us. Basically it’s a 50/50 situation whereby one individual has to negotiate with his employer,” explains Hlungwani.

“Teams like Kaizer Chiefs, Sundowns, Celtic, Orlando Pirates, etc., the ones with a huge following, the players are going to suffer the most because they won’t have that 12th man. So, for those teams that don’t have huge supporters, it’s an advantage because now both teams won’t have supporters. It will be up to the players to show their passion for the game.” Says Phumudzo Manenzhe who is a football analyst for SABC Sports.

The North West province, Free State, Mpumalanga and Limpopo are the front runners to host the remaining matches of the season.

The absence of football action in the country has affected a lot of people. Unlike others, some football security personnel who have been out of jobs for at least three months now, got some relief in a form of food parcels. The recipients of the food parcels are over the moon.

In the video below, football fans express their views:




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