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Zuma accuses State Capture Commission of using his children against him
16 October 2020, 9:15 PM

Former President Jacob Zuma has accused the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture of using his children against him.

In a strongly-worded statement, Zuma described as utter cowardice attempts to target his children by way of, what he called, clandestine investigations into matters that have nothing to do with them.

He referenced last week’s Sunday Times report which alleged that the Commission has subpoenaed his children’s bank accounts. According to the article, the country’s major South African banks have been ordered to provide bank records dating back to 2016.

In the statement, the former President pleaded with law enforcement agencies, media, banks and the Zondo Commission to leave his children alone. He said they were not in government and should not be dragged into battles designed to destroy him.

Zuma said this harassment of his children is a declaration of war, which he will fight with all he has.

Zuma vs Zondo

In September, Zuma asked State Capture Commission Chairperson, Deputy Chief Judge Raymond Zondo, to recuse himself as the chair. In a letter his lawyer Eric Mabuza sent to the commission, Zuma says he feels that Zondo is biased against him and therefore, must step aside and allow a different judge to preside over the State Capture Commission.

This followed Zondo’s unwillingness to negotiate with Zuma and his legal team on a date when he should appear before the commission. The Deputy Chief Justice said Zuma would be summoned to appear from 16 to 20 November as many of the witnesses have mentioned his name during their evidence on state capture and the Guptas.

State Capture Commission issues new dates for Jacob Zuma’s appearance: 

Some politicians and analysts said they believe the utterances by Zuma were tantamount to an attack on the judiciary.

Earlier in October, Zondo ordered summons to be issued for Zuma to appear before the Commission. He, however, made a concession for the former President, allowing him to give his evidence virtually. The former President is now compelled to appear before the Commission from the 16 to 20 November.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo issues Jacob Zuma with a summons to appear at the inquiry:

Malema appeals to EFF members to face racism toe-to-toe
16 October 2020, 8:01 PM

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has appealed to thousands of party members to face racism toe-to-toe. EFF members attended the party’s rally in Senekal to protect state assets, as they claimed.

He was speaking outside the Senekal Magistrate’s Court, where the bail application of two accused in the murder of a farm manager rolled over until Monday.

EFF members march to Senekal:

Two suspects were applying for bail following their arrest for the murder of farm manager, Brendin Horner.

Last week, white farmers overturned and burnt a police van while also firing live ammunition around the Senekal Magistrate’s Court, where two suspects appeared.

Stark political and racial divisions laid bare; the red berets in their numbers to defend state assets. On the other side, the Afrikaner farming community calling for an end to farm killings.

Racial, political and economic segregation playing out in a small Free State town.

The EFF leader says the party will no longer accept apologies of racists.

“We don’t accept any sorry anymore that are not accepted by anything. Take Clicks for example; they gave Sanitary towels.”

Malema says despite many cautioning the party against going to Senekal, they didn’t cowardly run away leaving racism unchallenged.

“Look at the racists in their eyes and say to the racist, toe-to-toe; ‘this is our land. This land we will defend it with our blood. This land we will defend it with our bodies; we are prepared to die for South Africa. Thank you for being the brave fighters all over Free State to defend your dignity and to defend the dignity of all those black cowards who are scared of white people. Tell them even if they are cowards, we will defend them.”

Malema has called on party members to fearlessly pursue the struggle for land expropriation without compensation. Malema says their stance in Senekal is to stop racism that may have spread across the country.

Wrapping up Senekal events with Samkele Maseko:

Farm murders

Malema downplayed farm murders, saying the whole situation has been racialised.

Meanwhile, the Freedom Front Plus says it laid a complaint against Malema with the Human Rights Commission over the singing of “Kill the Boer” during the protest. In 2003, the HRC declared the song, which calls for the murder of white farmers, hate speech.

Malema has not yet responded to that complaint.

“There is no farm murders in SA, there are no white farmers being killed in SA. In SA, there are women being killed, there are children being killed. Those are the people who deserve our special attention; not the privileged white old racist who are unable to adjust to the new conditions because they are used to being called ‘baas, baas,’ ” Malema said.

Julius Malema addresses EFF supporters in Senekal:

‘Domestic workers often suffer abuse and sexual harassment at the hands of bosses’
16 October 2020, 7:06 PM

A recent study has found that domestic workers often suffer abuse and sexual harassment at the hands of their bosses. The study also found that this form of abuse only got worse during the lockdown.

High concerns as over 250 000 domestic workers lose jobs due to lockdown:

The study, commissioned by Hlanganisa Institute of Development in Southern Africa and Izwi Domestic Workers Alliance, was conducted in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. The study covers the period from July to August.

The study also found that domestic workers are often asked to perform sexual favours.

Executive Director at Hlanganisa Institute, Bongiwe Ndondo highlights some of the cases.

“The son of the employer asked her not to wear any knickers around the house as she’s cleaning and going about her duties and then ask for sexual favours from her. That domestic worker in particular had raised that young man. So this is a young man who was born when she was already working for that family. There were others where employers walked around their homes naked. Some of them walked into the rooms of domestic workers during their private time. In the one instance, the employer asked for sexual favours for extra pay and the domestic worker obliged. He then invited his friends over and asked if his friends could also get the same sexual favours.”

Reporting sexual harassment

The study found that domestic workers risk losing their jobs if they report sexual harassment.

Amongst others, it found that domestic workers, many of whom are undocumented migrants, have no recourse for reporting sexual harassment by their employers. It also found that some are forced to perform sexual favours in exchange for money.

Ndondo says there is simply no structure to report abuse.

“With domestic workers, the only people that they can actually turn to are the very employers that they serve and so when your only recourse channel is also the very same people who are perpetuating the violence, many domestic workers find themselves between a rock and a hard place because in most cases, reporting the abuse could actually result in losing their jobs. And we know how vulnerable the group is and how difficult it is to secure employment; especially for domestic workers where the great majority of them are actually undocumented migrants. Many of these domestic workers end up not reporting at all.”

AmaXhosa Royal Kingdom elects new king to mixed reactions
16 October 2020, 6:19 PM

Cracks are showing in the AmaXhosa Royal Kingdom in the Eastern Cape over the throne left vacant by the late King Mpendulo Zwelonke Sigcawu. King Sigcawu died in 2019.

The Kingdom has announced High Commissioner to Malawi Prince Ahlangene Vulikhaya Sigcawu as the new King of AmaXhosa.

The new king is the brother to the late King Sigcawu from the right-hand house of King Xolilizwe Sigcawu.

Chief Dumehleli Mapasa has been acting in this position before passing away in September, leaving the throne vacant. The family admits the announcement took longer due to infighting since King Sigcawu departed.

The royalty says this was because the new king’s name Prince Ahlangene was contested by another group.

“There were people who were eyeing the position. They are not even hereditary they were not deserving. Therefore they tried to stall processes and we cannot allow such,” says Chief Magwa Salakuphathwa.

The new king says he is equal to the mammoth task ahead.

“I am happy the elders entrusted me with this responsibility. I will do everything in my power to lead. I know it will be difficult, but I am ready,” says Prince Ahlangene Vulikhaya Sigcawu.

But not everyone has welcomed the appointment of the new king. Sigcawu family spokesperson Prince Xhanti says the family did not endorse the decision of the new king.

“What they are doing is not endorsed by us. It’s just a group of people doing their own thing. We don’t have a king yet and in due time, we will follow process and announce the rightful king.”

The new king will resign as an Ambassador before assuming his duties. The royal kingdom has called a meeting of all the houses on Sunday and Tuesday to chart a way forward.

Contralesa president gives reopening of initiation schools the go-ahead
16 October 2020, 4:43 PM

Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa president, Kgoshi Lameck Mokoena has given initiation schools the go-ahead to reopen. Ingoma, the traditional rite of passage for boys to manhood, was suspended earlier in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiation schools are to be held in December.

Contralesa disappointed that initiation schools won’t operate under alert level 1 of the lockdown:

Mpumalanga is one of the provinces where the Ingoma is still practised. Bushbuckridge and KwaMhlanga are among the places where most of the initiation schools are found.

However, according to Contralesa, the mushrooming of illegal initiation schools and also giving people an opportunity to practice their culture are some of the reasons for the decision to reopen initiation schools.

In Bushbuckridge, people have expressed divergent views about the decision to reopen initiation schools. Some believe they are not safe because initiates sometimes die, while others feel the schools are still relevant.

“It should be stopped, but because our traditional leaders want money, that’s why they influence the initiation schools,” says one resident.

“I think it’s important because most of the people still believe in that tradition and as people of Mpumalanga, we do support it,” says another resident.

Hikos Mokoena runs an initiation school in Bushbuckridge.

He believes the schools play a big role in molding boys to become responsible men.

“We are happy and appreciate the way the Contralesa has brought the chance to put back Ingoma, our culture; we are going to tell everybody about this.”

COVID-19 precautionary measures

Kgoshi Mokoena says the initiation schools will be held under strict COVID-19 precautionary measures. He adds that the Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Department has been informed of the decision.

“We are doing this to avoid having illegal schools. Illegal schools will self-circumcise which is very dangerous. We have taken this decision being sober in our minds, to say all those people to be given permits to run initiation schools will have to adhere to the protocol as stated by our regulations.”

According to Contralesa, only those provinces that hold their initiation schools season in December are allowed to reopen.



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