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DA in Limpopo accuses nine MECs of lack of transparency
12 April 2021, 9:30 PM

The DA in Limpopo has written a letter of complaint to the speaker of the legislature, accusing nine MECs of lack of transparency.

DA Spokesperson on Social Development, Suzan Phala, says the MECs, with the exception of that of Social Development MEC Nkakareng Rakgoale, have not responded to written questions by opposition Members of the Provincial Legislature since 2020.

The Office of the Premier and the legislature have acceded to the concerns of DA.

Phala says the conduct of the MECs, who have not answered to written questions by the opposition members of the legislature, should not be tolerated.

Phala says the MECs are not willing to account.

Some of the sittings have been held virtually since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Phala says the MECs are not following the legislature rules.

“We find their behaviour extremely unparliamentary and that it should not be tolerated at all by the House as it degenerates the dignity and mandate of the House. In 2020, 72 sets of written questions were submitted to the executive and only the Department of Social Development responded and they keep on ignoring our written questions. We found it very strange that the speaker decided to protect the premier in accounting on his behalf,” she adds.

‘DA raises a serious concern’

In response, Legislature Spokesperson, Solly Chego, acceded that the opposition, DA, is raising a serious concern.

“That is a genuine concern. Speaker of the legislature used to remind members of the executive to respond to questions. Even in this hybrid system, more than four different MEC’s are always present responding to questions. The matter will be directed to the leader of government business Seaparo Sekwati,” says Chego.

Furthermore, Spokesperson of Office of the Premier, Willie Mosoma, says the concerns by DA will be referred to the Treasury MEC, Seaparo Sekwati, who leads governance.

“Premier Mathabatha says the concerns by the DA are genuine, therefore, the Premier will engage the leader of government business MEC Seaparo Sekwati and all MECs to remind them that all questions from political parties in the legislature are responded to.

Of course, Premier Mathabatha says the matter of questions and answers don’t form part of service delivery agreement with MECs. However, it is very critical for good governance which leads to quality audit opinions the province is currently celebrating,” adds Masoma.

The DA is calling on Mathabatha to ensure that abiding by the legislature rules forms part of the performance agreement of the MECs.

Judgment reserved in Mbalenhle Mlotshwa, DJ Black Coffee’s abuse row
12 April 2021, 9:30 PM

Judgement in the matter between DJ Nkosinathi Maphumulo, popularly known as Black Coffee, and former wife Mbalenhle Mlotshwa has been reserved. The Randburg Magistrate’s Court heard an application for a protection order, preventing Black Coffee from entering his former marital home.

Mlotshwa, popularly known as Enhle Mbali, applied for the protection order after she accused Maphumulo of domestic violence.

The two took to the courts following an alleged altercation in their home in March. Maphumulo allegedly slapped Enhle Mbali on the wrist after a disagreement. It is believed Maphumulo was unhappy with a birthday celebration held at the home.

Individuals, who came to support the actress, took a stance against Gender-Based Violence:

Family representative, Themba Mhinga, says Mlotshwa is seeking protection from the courts.

“We just want justice to be served. Let the law take its course. We are just supporting our sister, you know. The truth will prevail in the end. There is not much we can expect, but for justice to be served and for her to feel safe and not have to worry about whatever she has been worrying about,” says Mhinga.

Founder of the Winnie Mandela Cup, Dr Khumoetsile Moetse, says they believe that it is an essential right for women to be supported.

“We believe that it is essential right now for all women, regardless of whether they have been to court or not, to be supported if they and when they come across any issue that is gender-based violence relate,” explains Dr Moetse.

Mlotshwa says she won’t stop fighting until justice is served.

“No matter how small it is, it always escalates. We’ve seen our Karabo’s; we’ve seen our Reeva Steenkamps and I want that to stop today. I will fight with a lot of women fighters that I have rallied around me and I won’t stop until justice is done,” she says.

The DJ is opposing the protection order.

Mkhondo farmers accused of killing job seekers remanded in custody
12 April 2021, 9:15 PM

Organisations representing farm dwellers and workers around Mkhondo are calling on the Piet Retief Magistrate’s Court in Mpumalanga not to grant bail to the four men accused of killing two farm dwellers. This is after the four suspects aged between 31 and 58 appeared in court facing two counts of murder.

Daniel Malan, Cornelius Greyling, Othard Klingberg and Michael Sternberg are accused of shooting at a group of job seekers at a farm last week.

Update on the Mkhondo murder case with Tumelo Machogo:

According the police, the deceased were part of a group of farm dwellers who went to seek for employment as they are seasonal farm workers. They further say on their way back, they realised that one of them was left on the farm.

Upon return on the farm, they found that he was being assaulted. A scuffle ensued and two people were shot and killed on the scene.

Speaking on behalf of the affected family, Nathi Coka, says the deceased were breadwinners.

“We want the suspects to support the children of the deceased. We also want him to leave the farm because he has been harassing Black people. He doesn’t want to live with Black people. If he was warning them, he would have shot them in the leg and not in the head,” says Coka.

Mpumalanga MEC Vusi Shongwe on the Mkhondo murder case:

Speaking on behalf of the residents, Workers and Labour Tenants Association, Bongani Hlatshwayo, raised concerns that cases opened against farm owners are often neglected.

“We want the suspects to support the children of the deceased. We also want him to leave the farm because he has been harassing black people. He doesn’t want to live with black people. If he was warning them he would have shot them in the leg and not in the head,” says Hlatshwayo.

Mpumalanga Premier, Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane, visited the family of the two deceased.

The Piet Magistrate Magistrate’s Court postponed the case against the four suspects to Monday for a formal bail application.

Case of four men accused of killing 2 farm workers postponed:

Mpumalanga’s Agriculture MEC, Mandla Msibi says they will try and create dialogue between farmers and farm workers to bring about social cohesion.

Msibi says it is important to maintain peace and stability between farmers and farm dwellers.

“We are still devastated about the development that are happening at Mkhondo, because they have got a potential to disturb peace and stability in the province. We call for police to do their work. As a department, we are going to create a dialogue between all parties involved to try and bring about social cohesion because we all need one another in the province and between the farmers and farm workers we must create peace and harmony,” adds the MEC.

McKinsey not honest about relationship with Regiments and Trillian: Singh
12 April 2021, 8:45 PM

Former Eskom CFO Anoj Singh has insisted that consultancy firm, McKinsey Consulting, knew that Gupta-linked firm, Trillian Capital, was doing work with them.

Singh returned to the Commission on State Capture on Monday. His testimony was based on the development of the Eskom corporate plan during his tenure as Chief Financial Officer at the power utility.

Singh has told the State Capture Commission that consultancy firm, McKinsey Consulting, was not honest about its relationship with Regiments and Trillian in its affidavit to the Commission last year.

Singh told Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo that McKinsey is trying to distance itself from Gupta-linked firm, Trillian Capital, while there is evidence that Trillian was part of the sub-contracting team when they signed a multi -million rand deal with Eskom.

In March, Singh admitted that Eskom paid about R30.6 million to investment firm Trillian, which has been linked to the controversial Gupta family, without a valid contract in place. He is alleged to have favoured the Guptas, who received lucrative Eskom contracts while he was the power utility’s chief financial officer.

Between 2015 and 2016 Mckinsey, together with Regiments, were awarded a contract worth R30 million. This was to help Eskom develop a corporate plan. However, McKinsey cancelled its contract with Regiments because it wanted to change to Trillian. McKinsey says it never did any work with Trillian, but subcontracted part of its work to Regiments.

Singh told the commission that Trillian personnel and staff were always part of the Mckinsey/Regiments deal and that Mckinsey signed a letter, stating they knew Trillian was part of the team.

He claims that Trillian is running away from its correspondence between the Regiments/Trillian corporate plan contract they signed with Eskom. He says Mckinsey had signed a letter knowing Trillian would get paid by Eskom for work it did on the corporate plan.

Singh told the commission Mckinsey directors met with him regularly to discuss the contract which went through their legal team – hence they cannot claim ignorance.

He returns to the stand on Tuesday.

The Commission hears Eskom-related evidence from Anoj Singh:

ANC NYTT calls for Yengeni, Godongwana to be disciplined
12 April 2021, 7:55 PM

The ANC National Youth Task Team (NYTT) has called for National Executive Committee (NEC) members Tony Yengeni and Enoch Godongwana to be disciplined. The NYTT was outlining the resolutions taken at its first official meeting held this weekend.

The NYTT says recordings of the last ANC NEC meeting that were circulated on social media are an indication that the ANC is in trouble and needs renewal.

Paul Mashatile describes those who leaked the recording as ill-disciplined:

Yengeni and Godongwana are reported to have been heard discussing the meeting on their phones after forgetting to mute their devices.

Task Team Convenor, Joy Maimela, says the NYTT is a unifying structure and will not stand by as the ANC is torn apart by factional battles.

“We are happy that the ANC president agreed with the ANCYL suggestion that all NEC members, including the national officials, must go back to political school and that Comrade Enoch Godongwana and Comrade Toni Yengeni must be taken to the Disciplinary Committee of the ANC for their ill-disciplined and appalling conduct. We urge all members and leaders of the ANC at all levels to place the wellbeing and transformation of the lives of the disenfranchised people of South Africa above their own personal interests,” adds Maimela.

Newly-established NYTT briefs media on outcomes of three day meeting:

Rebuilding the ANC Youth League

The newly-established body has been given six months to prepare and hold the ANC Youth League’s National Congress. It says it will be conducting an assessment of the League’s lower structures as a start towards rebuilding the body.

The League has been in decline since 2013 when the leadership structure lead by Julius Malema now leader of the EFF, was disbanded.

Following its first meeting this weekend, the NYTT was expected to announce that it would disband the Leagues’ provincial structures where some members, it has been alleged, are above the age of 35. However, Maimela says that a thorough audit is required first.

“We saw it fit to firstly appoint a working committee that will then accept the handover report, not just accept it, but process it. So, there is going to be an assessment that is made on our structures and that assessment. Obviously, we are going to ensure our structures, particularly the lower structures, are in line with the directive of the NEC that members of those structures must be 35 years old and below. We are going to ensure that aspect is featured when we then start the process of rebuilding,” adds Maimela.

Age questions

However, the NYTT itself is facing questions about the ages of its own members. It has been alleged that some in the structure do not fulfil the requirement of being below 36.

ANC National Spokesperson, Pule Mabe, says those with evidence in this regard should come forward.

“We gave that task to the officials, to work with provinces to make sure that, from the different provinces, those young men and women could then be brought in to constitute the structure that we now know. If there are issues that are being raised about the ages of cadres that might be constituting the NYTT, those that have such evidence are welcome to engage with the office of the secretary general,” says Mabe.

ANC NYTT to prioritise giving youth a voice in the ANC:

The NYTT says it will now also be assessing its legal standing as well as that of the ANC Youth League.

It says it will be seeking to meet with members of cabinet that have a role to play in youth empowerment.

ANC top officials meet with newly elected National Youth Task Team:



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