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City of Cape Town restoring its oldest asset
18 September 2017, 5:55 PM

The city of Cape Town is currently fine tuning and restoring one of its finest and oldest asset. More than a 100 years old – the organ is one of the city’s heritage asset that will undergo restoration.

The work on the organ which is in the city hall, forms part of the R15 million project which will look at preserving priority and historical spaces.



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MDC refutes claims Tsvangirai is critically ill
16 September 2017, 8:50 AM

Zimbabwe’s opposition party Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has refuted claims that its leader Morgan Tsvangirai is in a critical condition in hospital.

This after a Zimbabwean newspaper reported that Tsvangirai was on Friday airlifted to South Africa on a life-support system.

Newsday says his condition deteriorated suddenly and became dire and that a doctor then recommended he go to South Africa.

He’s now believed to be at a hospital in Pretoria.

Tsvangirai disclosed last year that he was fighting colon cancer and has been undergoing chemotherapy.

MDC national spokesperson, Obert Gutto says, “All I can confirm is that he has gone to South Africa for a routine medical checkup.”

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Arrest of journalist in Lesotho condemned
16 September 2017, 7:38 AM

Amnesty International has condemned the arrest of a journalist in Lesotho calling it a ploy to intimidate the country’s media.

Broadcast journalist Candi Ramainoane was taken into custody on Friday.

Lesotho is currently experiencing political tensions following the assassination of the head of the army last week.

Ramainoane has been charged with defamation following his reports criticizing the current political situation.

The station where he works and manages was shut down earlier in the week.

Amnesty International believes the arrest aims to send a chilling message to other media owners and journalists of the consequences they face for scrutinising the government.

The advocacy group is calling for Ramainoane to be released immediately and for the media to be allowed to report on the matters affecting the mountain kingdom without fear or favour.

– By Noma Bolani

Africa aims to grow its film industry
15 September 2017, 4:30 PM

Africa has set up an ambitious program to grow the continent’s film industry from 5 billion US dollars to 20 billion US dollars, with the potential to create at least twenty million jobs, according to the African Union (AU).

The AU is in the final stages of setting up the African Audio Visual and Cinema Commission (AACC) aimed at opening up the potential of the continent’s film industry. At a meeting held in Nairobi this week, African ministers of youth, culture and sports agreed on modalities of ensuring the commission is up and running by 2018.

Africa’s top film talent has already made its mark on the global stage, the continent itself is a go to location for film makers, but experts say its full potential has not been exploited.

This is the reason why African film makers and leaders met in Nairobi to see how the continent can use the industry to spur economic growth.

“What we have is a lot. We need to have harmonised policies on these issues; we need to have a commission to guide to regulate the relations to promote what we have and we need centres of excellence so that we have quality productions,” says AU Commissioner of Social Affairs Amira Elfaldil.

In June this year, the commission set up the African Audio Visual and Cinema Commission

Deputy Minister of Youth Development in South Africa Buti Manamela says the project will create jobs. “If we put together resources under one commission I think that will go a long way in creating jobs for young people, support emerging film makers and help us preserve our heritage,” says Manamela. In June 2017, the commission set up the African Audio Visual and Cinema Commission. The commission will now help Africa’s film makers create jobs, grow economies and tell the African story through African eyes. “Today, if you are watching a Kenyan movie, Ghanaian movie, South African movie it brings a sense of identity and dignity,” says Ghana Ambassador William Kanyirige. AU Commissioner Sarah Mbi says, “If you have a talent and you can go out there and you can sell yourself big then you are already employed.”

Manamela says the stories will be told with a united voice. “We are starting. We are on a track, and we are hoping to start tell our stories much more coherently and with a united voice.”

The AU is now aiming for five regional centres of excellence in film making in each of the regional economic blocs. These will help facilitate the export of African film products and services to international markets.

– By Sarah Kimani

National Heritage Council CEO on the importance of September
15 September 2017, 4:07 PM

This year marks 21 years since the 24th September was declared an official National Heritage Day and a public holiday.

The month of September also takes stock of the progress that we have made in protecting, preserving and promoting our people’s heritage and culture.

CEO of the National Heritage Council, Sonwabile Mancotywa speaks to Morning Live about the importance of heritage month.




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