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Public broadcasters fail to tell the African story: Dlodlo
25 September 2017, 7:17 PM

Communications Minister Ayanda Dlodlo says African public broadcasters have dismally failed to tell the story of the continent to the world.

Dlodlo says people around the world, including the African diaspora are unaware of African cultures, languages and traditions due to the failure of public broadcasters to educate and inform them.

She was giving a keynote address at the 5th Africa and Digitalisation Conference in the Namibian capital, Windhoek.

At least 150 leaders in broadcasting, IT businesses and governments are gathered in the capital to review progress made among
Southern African Development Community (SADC) member states, in their migration to Digital Terrestrial Television.

Dlodlo told delegates that it was the responsibilities of public broadcasters not only to tell our stories, but also to find money and all other necessary resources to do so.

“It is our responsibility as broadcasters to inform the people, even those in diaspora about our continent. We as broadcasters are
denying them of their ancestral rights to know their continent and their origins, ” says Dlodlo.

The Minister says although SADC countries are making progress towards Digital Terrestrial Television migration, much work still lies ahead.

“We have made some strides and some progress in rolling out DTT for our people for higher speed quality services, at affordable rates.”

Other leaders also concurred that SADC states have a long way to go.

“They say although SADC countries are going through difficult financial times as a result of their stagnant economies and other issues, migrating to DTT is inevitable. They also argue that it can kick start the much talked about industrialisation of the continent,” says SADC IT and Communications Representative Cecilia Mamelodi Onyadile.

Other issues under discussions include the role of social media and the future of public broadcasters.

Another elephant in the room is the cost of migrating from analogue to DTT. Other delegates suggested that SADC countries should rather consider sharing some resources such as transmissions in order to bring down costs, and ensure that their services are accessible to the people.

– By Manelisi Dubase

Zuma to attend João Manuel Lourenço inauguration
25 September 2017, 12:51 PM

President Jacob Zuma will attend the inauguration of Angolan president-elect, João Manuel Lourenço in Luanda on Tuesday.

The Presidency points out that Angola and South Africa have strong commercial and historical ties.

Lourenco will take over from President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who’s led Angola since 1979, after their People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) retained power in elections last month.

Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor will be acting President while Zuma is in Luanda and Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa is in London leading the South African delegation for the Rugby World Cup 2023 bid.

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– By Presidency

Re-election is a judicial coup: Kenyatta
22 September 2017, 6:57 AM

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has described the Supreme Court ruling that annulled his victory as a judicial coup that stole democracy from the people.

This after a detailed Supreme Court ruling indicated that the Electoral Commission had committed illegalities and irregularities by running an election that was not transparent and verifiable.

Kenyatta faces a rerun next month after the opposition successfully challenged the August 8 vote, which he won. In a televised address, the visibly angry president attacked the judges.

“As a consequence, I hold our steadfast position that the will of the people was subverted by the court. The Supreme Court owes Kenyans an explanation on how such a monstrous injustice could have taken place. Not only did the judgment rob the Kenyan people of their democratic right as exercised on August 8, but it also now has the potential to throw our country into judicial chaos.”

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– By Sarah Kimani

Kenyan court finds no evidence of vote rigging
21 September 2017, 10:50 AM

Kenya’s Supreme Court says it did not find evidence of vote rigging and that no official of the electoral commission was criminally culpable for the illegalities and irregularities that led to the nullification of the polls.

The court also said it did not find any offence committed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has welcomed the ruling saying the people’s vote must count.

The judges ruled that institutional weaknesses rather than individuals were to blame for the discrepancies that caused the nullification of the polls.

That ruling may have thrown a temporary lifeline at the electoral commission whose officials are under pressure from the opposition to step down ahead of the October 17 fresh Presidential Elections.

The opposition through lawyer James Orengo says it will seek the prosecution of certain electoral commission officials whom it blames for bungling the August Presidential Elections.

Odinga has said he will not go to the polls next month if some of the officials of the commission do not step aside and alternative companies are hired to print ballot papers and provide the electronic tallying system.

– By Sarah Kimani

Trump deeply disturbed by Congo, South Sudan violence
21 September 2017, 6:06 AM

United States President Donald Trump says he is deeply disturbed by the on-going violence in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

He was speaking at a luncheon hosted for African leaders on the side-lines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

President Trump called on petroleum company Sasol to continue investing in the United States, in addition to some eyebrow-raising off the cuff remarks about Africa’s business potential.

It was an opportunity to interact with African leadership, with 16 heads of state including President Jacob Zuma in attendance, and predictably the conversation turned to the hotspots that undermine the continent’s collective progress.

Trump said: “We are closely monitoring and deeply disturbed by the on-going violence in South Sudan and in the Congo. Millions of lives are at risk and we continue to provide humanitarian assistance but real results in halting this catastrophe will require an African led peace process and a sincere really sincere commitment of all parties involved. And I know you’re working on that and you’re working on that very hard to assist in these efforts. I’m sending Ambassador Nikki Haley to Africa to discuss avenues of conflict and resolution and most importantly prevention.”

This was by far the most significant engagement that President Trump has had with Africa’s leaders since taking office in January; an opportunity to talk about the fight against terrorism and the continent’s business opportunities.

“Africa has tremendous business potential. I have so many friends going to your countries, trying to get rich. I congratulate you. They’re spending a lot of money. But it does, it has a tremendous business potential and representing huge amounts of different markets. And for American firms it’s really become a place that they have to go that they want to go.”

With his America First policy front and centre, President Trump called on a particular Secunda-based petroleum company to invest more in the United States.

“We also hope that African firms like the company Sasol consider making investments in the United States. Sasol, as an example, is building a $9 billion petrochemical plant in Louisiana, which will bring new jobs to the state and, really, hardworking Americans will be manning those jobs.”

Trump added that he hoped to extend economic partnerships with countries committed to self–reliance and fostering job creation both in Africa and the United States.

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– By Sherwin Bryce-Pease



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