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Phinda Shembe appointed as new Shembe church leader
23 December 2017, 2:02 PM

Phinda Shembe has been appointed the new leader of the Thembezinhle faction of the Nazareth Baptist Church.

This after the late former leader, Inkosi Vela Shembe, passed away last month.

The long awaited announcement has been made to the congregants at the Thembezinhle headquarters in Mthwalume on the province’s south coast.

Phinda Shembe, elder brother to the late leader Inkosi Vela Shembe, is taking over the reigns of this faction of the church.

The announcement was made by lawyer, Trevor Nkosi, of the former late leader Inkosi Vela Shembe.

The Thembezinhle faction emerged as winner in a prolonged five year court battle which is now being appealed by the eBuhleni faction led by Inkosi Mduduzi Shembe.

Congregants of the Thembezinhle faction of the Nazareth Baptist Church have reacted with jubilation at the announcement of Inkosi Phinda Shembe as the new leader.

Shembe is also an attorney by profession and will have to leave his law practice of twenty-one years to fulfill his brother’s wishes. He is married to one wife and they have three children.

Zuma urges youth to play chess
23 December 2017, 10:54 AM

President Jacob Zuma has called on the youth of South Africa to start playing chess in order to protect themselves from social ills.

He addressed hundreds of young budding chess players on Friday at Mandeni in northern KwaZulu-Natal during a chess tournament organized by the Jacob G Zuma Foundation. Zuma says the game, which is his favourite pass time and has been since his time on Robben Island, sharpens the mind.

“Chess helps improve the mind to the extent that one develops better skills and strategies in life and it keeps the mind healthy.”

Listeriosis does not pose a major health risk to the majority: NICD
23 December 2017, 8:49 AM

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases says listeriosis does not pose a major health risk to the majority of the population, although 61 people have died of the bacterial disease this year.

At least 660 cases of the disease, caused by eating foods contaminated with the Listeria bacteria, have been reported to the NICD.

The NICD’s Dr Juno Thomas says investigations are currently underway to determine the origin of the outbreak, which is believed to have started at a single food packing or manufacturing location. Thomas explains the extent of the risk.

“Otherwise healthy persons are at minimal risk of getting listeria disease. They usually just shake it off even if they’ve eaten contaminated food. But the people who are at risk include women who are pregnant, very young babies under the age of a month, persons over the age of 65 and anyone who has a weakened immune system.”

Khoisan activists continue with hunger strike
23 December 2017, 7:38 AM

The four Khoisan activists who have been camping outside the Union Buildings since the beginning of this month have vowed to continue with their hunger strike until their demand for an audience with President Jacob Zuma or his deputy Cyril Ramaphosa is met.

They have kept up their hunger strike for the past sixteen days and one of them, Chris Martin was admitted to hospital on Wednesday after complaining of chest pains. Their leader, Chief Khoisan SA, says this is a matter of life and death.

“So you see the medical team as well that they are coming here to check us, we are starting to feel dizziness, we have pains in our hearts, but we have made it clear to him that we will stay here until the first of January, but it would mean that they will have to carry up bodies to the union buildings because by that time we will be dead.”

The Khoisan activists’ demands relate to land claims and recognition of their identity as the first people to live in South Africa.  They also demand that their language be recognised as one of the country’s official languages and not merely appear on the national coat of arms.

Zuma’s State Capture appeal likely to be unsuccessful: Analyst
23 December 2017, 7:03 AM

A legal expert believes President Jacob Zuma’s application seeking leave to appeal the High Court’s State Capture ruling has no chance of success.

Smanga Sethene was commenting after Zuma’s lawyers filed his application on Friday.

The President argues that the court erred in upholding the Public Protector’s remedial action that the Chief Justice must appoint a judge to head a commission of inquiry into state capture. Sethene says Zuma will have to prove that he can independently appoint the judge heading the commission of inquiry without interference or influence.

“What we do know is that he is implicated – his family is implicated. An interview with him was secured with the PP – it was recorded; he was in the presence of his attorneys. So, we do know he is implicated. To me that is the major hurdle. If he cannot overcome that, I don’t see why he is going to court.”



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