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SASI encourages people to find additional incomes and increase savings
8 January 2022, 7:10 PM

The South African Savings Institute (SASI) is encouraging people to find an additional income and increase their savings capacity this year.

The organisation is offering tips that can be implemented in January, to help improve financial well-being for the year ahead. Prabashini Moodley reports ……

South Africans have fallen on challenging times in the last two years, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, businesses were torched and damaged, stock was stolen and lives were lost. This was yet another blow to many suffering financial hardship.

Now, in Janu-worry after all the festive season spending, the South African Savings Institute says, smart financial planning now can mean less stress in the year ahead. SASI Acting CEO Gerald Mwandiambia says with motivation levels high in January, it’s a great time to set in motion a savings plan for the year.

“The best savings technique is really to have a financial plan or goal. January is a great opportunity for you to set those goals for the year ahead. This includes, how you going to manage your budget and specific savings goals for the year ahead. Each individual has their own personal economy and that your goals and your lifestyle are specifically for yourself.”

Mwandiambia says discipline is a cornerstone of a healthy savings culture. By activating stop orders and joining stokvel movement savings will become a monthly bill that needs to be paid. He details the most effective ways to meet your financial commitments and save at the same time.

“In order to save, you need sacrifice, commitment and discipline. Sacrifice is saving money you could do something else with. Commitment in terms of having the plan. You need to try and save using automation. That helps with discipline. This is setting up stop orders, so money goes to the right places. Something very important is a stokvel. This helps with the discipline as well the group forces you to comply and stick to certain standards.”

It’s that time of year when families are facing large annual expenses that many have not prepared for. These include school fees and uniforms. Mwandiambia is encouraging South Africans to look outside the box and make 2022 the year that they increase their savings with an additional income.

“Many of us work 8 hours but after that 8 hours, it leaves 16 hours to do something else. It’s very important to have secondary or tertiary incomes and look at how you can make that extra R100 a week. At the end of the day, when you annualise it – it ends up being real money. South Africans limit themselves to earning a salary but you can increase your earning potential. So I say, make 2022 that year when you find that additional income to help you save.”

Stokvel a means of saving

It’s not all doom and gloom though, and resourcefulness is rewarded. Sixty-year-old Surie Govender from Verulam in KwaZulu-Natal initiated a new stokvel scheme in November last year, before the December spending frenzy.

She has been running the stokvel movement for women in her family and friends in her area for the last twenty years. She says, over the years women have gained financial independence through the savings scheme.

“They like a lump some of the money where they can use it to do something in the house. Some of them say, they just want to buy a TV cash – if they buy from the shop, they will pay interest. Here, you take a lump some and there is no interest. You got no choice, you can’t use the money for something else, the money has to be paid. This is a saving because you pay towards it every month. What I did, the bathroom, the kitchen, our outbuilding, the shower.”

For a sound financial year ahead, experts’ advice is to make saving a priority.

Re-evaluating wasteful spending habits, monitoring electricity and water usage and paying off debt faster are other money-saving tips to implement in 2022.

Buffalo City deploys disaster management teams to areas affected by flooding
8 January 2022, 2:56 PM

The Buffalo City Metro in the Eastern Cape has deployed disaster management teams to areas affected by flash flooding after heavy downpours.

Videos on social media show flooded houses and cars. Executive Mayor Xola Pakati is expected to visit the affected areas this afternoon to assess the extent of the damage.

Metro spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya has advised people living in low-lying areas to seek alternative accommodation as heavy rainfall is expected for the rest of the weekend.

“We are attending to various incidents of floods that have impacted on homes particularly informal settlements and flooded roads. We are undertaking evacuations in NU1 Mdantsane as well as Zone 3 and Zone 18 and teams are on-site in Zone 3 and 18. We are working with ward councillors to provide disaster relief packages and alternative accommodation to the families. Our municipal disaster operations are going to continue throughout the weekend.”

A resident in Mdantsane NU 1, Siyavuya Pawuli says they are battling to stay dry.

“We woke up this morning and there was water in the house, we tried sweeping it away with a broom and now mopping it and now we put sheets and blankets on the floor to absorb the water cause it keeps filling up.”

State Capture threatened government’s programme of social and economic transformation : Ramaphosa
8 January 2022, 2:31 PM

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa says State Capture was a systematic attempt to syphon off public resources and funds.

He was delivering the ANC’s January 8th statement at the Old Peter Mokaba stadium in Polokwane as part of the party’s 110th birthday celebrations.

ANC January 8th Statement 2022:

Ramaphosa received the first part of the State Capture report from acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo earlier this week. Some described the release of the report as a defining moment in the country’s history and a step forward in the quest to tackle corruption. Others claimed that it was biased.

Ramaphosa says State Capture undermined and threatened government’s programme of social and economic transformation.

“It also destroyed the capability of the state and led to the departure of capable people from public institutions as they resisted State Capture. Some were fired, some were forced to resign, and some just gave up, some were suspended for long periods and they left. Those were the critical skills that our country was robbed of people who knew the work, who knew what to do.”

January 8th statement proceedings:

National Assembly building’s structural integrity needs to be tested before rebuilding: Architect
5 January 2022, 10:16 PM

The architect of the National Assembly building, Jack van der Lecq says the most critical part to rebuilding is to test the structural integrity of the building.

Van der Lecq is the person who designed the building as early as 1984 and the building was completed and opened in 1988.

Mercedes Besent speaks to the architect:

Van der Lecq explains, “The most critical thing for me is the testing of the structural integrity of the building because over the main Assembly Chamber there are six massive beams spanning over the total width of that chamber. And if there is any damage or deflection or cracking or whatever structural system, then we have got another problem. Then of course it has to be redone and that’s a totally different story. Point number one, the structural integrity of the building must be tested.”

Alternative venue for State of the Nation Address

President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to deliver the State of the Nation Address in February, which happens in the National Assembly.

With the building now gutted, an alternative venue has to be found to host the hundreds of politicians and guests that normally attend the event.

Mercedes Besent speaks to Parliament Spokesperson Moloto Mothapo:



Ukhozi FM song of the year winner says she will not be detered by criticism
5 January 2022, 8:28 PM

Hlosiwe Mthalane, better known as DJ Hlo, says criticisms from music lovers and maestros will not deter her from reaching her dreams. She wants to be one of the best musicians in the country. DJ Hlo surprised many people when her single called Isibani was voted ‘Song of the Year’ on SABC’s Ukhozi FM on New Year’s Eve.

DJ Hlo’s song won with more than 200 000 votes defeating her arch-rivals Jumbo as well as DJ Siblings featuring DJ Mngadi and many others. The University of KwaZulu-Natal graduate says she is not demotivated by criticism; instead she will work harder to promote her music.

“I feel like a backlash is encouraging me more to be a better version of myself and to be a better DJ and better artist in general. I choose to focus on the positive rather than focusing on negative things. It has opened me many doors in the music industry and more jobs opportunities, more endorsements and I will use that to full capacity.”

However, there are mixed views from the public about DJ Hlo’s song. Some say they were disappointed when this track was announced song of the year.

“We don’t know DJ Hlo, and it was my first time hearing her song. Really, I don’t know her and I don’t even have her song on my phone. She did not deserve to win.”

However, others believe the song deserves recognition.

“I know DJ Hlo and she deserves to be voted song of the year, although I don’t know all her songs, she is a hard worker. I am very happy that she won.”

DJ Hlo’s Manager at the record label Maz Entertainment outlined the strategy they used to promote the song.

“Firstly, we went to the churches, and we went to the Royal Zulu family, we went to the taxi rank and I would like to thank who welcomed us. In fact, most of the people know DJ Hlo, the welcome was tremendous and I thank those who voted for her.”

DJ Hlo says this achievement has motivated her to reach greater heights in her music career. – Report by Khalesakhe Mbhense



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