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BEE stands for Black Elite Enrichment : FF Plus
9 October 2021, 9:49 PM

Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) leader Pieter Groenewald has urged South Africans to go to the polls on the 1st of November because he says each and every vote counts.

Groenewald was speaking at the launch of the party’s manifesto which took place in Pretoria on Saturday. The party is urging people to vote for it under the slogan of “Stopping the Decay” in municipalities.

The party says that its values and principles have stayed consistent over time and its manifesto reflects this. It has its vision for South Africa’s municipalities outlined in a ten-point plan which deals with issues such as the need to employ suitably qualified staff, ensure accountability by elected officials, encourage the use of local suppliers and root out Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE).

Groenewald says, “We will not tolerate Black Economic Empowerment. What we want is the best product at the best price to serve the taxpayers of the municipality. They always say BEE stands for Black Economic Empowerment, I say you are wrong it stands for Black Elite Enrichment.”

FF Plus on BEE and Affirmative Action:

Groenewald has committed the party to fight for minority rights saying that there is no real unity in diversity in South Africa. He says people need to embrace who and what they are and not be apologetic.

“We have seen it with the tourism equity fund if you are white you are excluded. We have seen that in an advertisement in eThekwini where the municipality advertised an auction of second-hand vehicles it says no whites, brown people or Indians are allowed to participate in this auction. It is discrimination and as the Freedom Front we will not tolerate the bullying of communities.”

The party leader also emphasised to supporters the importance of turning up at the polls.

“There are other political parties that say if your candidate that you voted for in the ward does not win the ward you have wasted your vote because there is only one elected in the ward. But it is a lie if you look at the electoral system, the formula determines that your vote in the ward is added to proportional vote so it is not a fact that you have wasted your vote, it is counting it is added to the proportional votes.”

The party has made it clear that post the elections it will not consider under any circumstances going into coalition with the ANC and EFF.

Patriotic Alliance vows to deal with issue of illegal immigrants
9 October 2021, 9:37 PM

The Patriotic Alliance (PA) says first on its priority list when it takes over municipalities will be to deal with the issue of illegal immigrants.

It says all illegal foreign nationals will be taken out of South Africa following the November 1st elections.

Its leader Gayton McKenzie says only those with scarce skills will be let into the country. The PA launched its local government elections manifesto in the predominantly Coloured community of Eldorado Park south of Johannesburg on Saturday.

Mckenzie says the days for illegal foreign nationals will be over should his party govern key municipalities like Johannesburg and eThekwini among others.

Mckenzie says, ” I don’t care if you are Chinese, if you are Somalian, if you are Serbian or coming from Angola, if you are coming from Mozambique, you are going home with immediate effect.”

He said only those with the much needed scarce skills will be allowed in the country urging his detractors not to confuse his patriotism with being xenophobic.

“And when you are a legal foreigner, you must also come with a special skill here. You can’t be legal and come and become a preacher here, we have enough preachers.”

Mckenzie on illegal immigrants:

And to South African women who have children with immigrants, McKenzie said these mothers are free to join their husbands as they go home.

McKenzie has also used the occasion to dismiss suggestions that the PA is a Coloured party insisting most of their mayoral candidates are not Coloureds.

The PA leader also said his party will be a kingmaker in most municipalities after elections. Currently, the Patriotic Alliance is in coalition with the ANC in Ekurhuleni.

Anti-vax protesters in Rome target PM’s office, union’s headquarters
9 October 2021, 8:59 PM

Italian police used water cannons and tear gas on Saturday to push back hundreds of people,  demonstrating in Rome against a government drive to make the COVID-19 “Green Pass” mandatory for all workers.

One group of protesters tried to break through police lines to reach Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s city centre office, while a separate group tried to smash their way into the headquarters of Italy’s main CGIL trade union.

The protests come days before Italy becomes the first country in Europe to make all workers carry the Green Pass in an effort to accelerate vaccinations and stamp out coronavirus infections.

The pass, a digital or paper certificate showing someone has received at least one vaccine dose, has tested negative or recently recovered from the virus, was originally conceived to ease travel among European Union states.

Draghi denounced Saturday’s violence and said his broad unity government remained committed to completing its vaccination campaign.

“The right to demonstrate to support one’s ideas can never degenerate into acts of aggression and intimidation,” he said in a statement issued by his office.

Opponents of the Green Pass say it tramples on freedoms and is a back-door means of forcing people to vaccinate.

Their cause has been backed by far-right neo-fascist groups who local politicians accused of orchestrating Saturday’s violence.

Local media reported that around 10,000 people took to the streets of the Italian capital, with many chanting “freedom, freedom” as some looked to break past police in riot gear deployed to guard access to Draghi’s office.

CGIL, which has accepted the Green Pass system for workers, condemned the attack on its offices.

“The assault on CGIL’s national headquarters is an act of fascist thuggery, an attack on democracy and on the world of work,” its leader Maurizio Landini said in a statement. “No-one should think that they can return our country to its fascist past.”

Under the pass system, any worker who fails to present a valid health certificate from October 15 will be suspended with no pay, but they cannot be sacked.

Some 80% of all Italians over the age of 12 are now fully vaccinated and the vast majority of people seem to back the inoculation drive and the use of the Green Pass.

SA records 816 new COVID-19 cases, 56 related deaths
9 October 2021, 7:25 PM

South Africa has recorded 816 new COVID-19 cases, taking total infections to 2 911 497.  A further 56 people have passed on due to COVID-19 related illnesses, taking total deaths to 88 292.

The number of people tested for COVID-19 in the past 24 hours of 29 226 against the 816 new cases, reflects a positivity rate of 2.8%.

Latest SA stats:




Provincial breakdown of cases according to the NICD, “KwaZulu-Natal (20%), followed by Gauteng Province (19%). Western Cape accounted for 17%; Eastern Cape accounted for 12%; Free State accounted for 11%; Northern Cape accounted for 10%; North West accounted for 5%; Mpumalanga accounted for 4%, and Limpopo accounted for 3% of today’s new cases.”


Malema criticises the ANC government for failing to maintain infrastructure in Mahikeng
9 October 2021, 6:27 PM

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema says the African National Congress (ANC) should be ashamed to call Mahikeng the provincial capital city of the North West.

Malema was addressing supporters at an election rally in the city.

Malema on the water issues in the North West:

The EFF leader has criticised the ANC government for failing to maintain infrastructure built by the administration under the former Bophuthatswana leader, Kgosi Lucas Mangope.

During Malema’s visit, some residents expressed their dissatisfaction about the lack of services under the current ruling party.

“We are very delighted for the visit by Mr Malema in Mahikeng. There is no progress and development in our area, but we vote every five years. We don’t have water and proper roads,” says a disgruntled resident.

“Our young people are unemployed. Our roads are in a bad state. There’s lack of water, the elderly don’t have houses, proper toilets,” says another.

Malema criticised the ANC government for failing to govern properly.

” This place under Mangope, it was very beautiful. Everywhere where Mangope was governing, there was a proper tar road. They did not have to do anything, they were supposed to maintain the infrastructure. It has dilapidated, it’s rotten to the core.”

The EFF leader says the ANC should be ashamed to call Mahikeng the provincial capital city.

” Nothing shows that this place is a capital city. If it is a capital city, it’s a capital city of corruption. A capital city of potholes. A capital city of dirty water, a capital city of permanent infighting. People fighting whose next in line to steal from the poor.”

Malema has appealed to Mahikeng residents to give his party a chance by voting for it in the November elections.

“Just give us a chance here in Mahikeng, we will turn this place upside down. We are taking Mahikeng back to its former glory we want it to shine once more. It’s all in your hands. The youth, the fighters, door to door let’s not be scared of anyone. People of North West are ready to move, they are waiting for you ground forces to come to them and show them direction. If you lose this municipality it will not be because North West people hate you, it will be because you are lazy to work.”

The EFF election campaign in the North West, will be concluded on Sunday in the JB Marks municipality in Potchefstroom.




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