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Marikana tragedy will remain a part of South Africa’s darkest history: Mpofu
11 August 2021, 4:14 PM

Former legal representative of the families of slain Lomin workers, Advocate Dali Mpofu says the Marikana tragedy will remain a part of South Africa’s darkest history.

Mpofu says the global community will forever remember the massacre as the country’s worst post-apartheid human tragedy.

The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) is hosting a virtual memorial lecture and commemorative event to pay homage to the 44 workers who died during the Lonmin platinum strike in August 2012.

The workers were demanding an R12500 wage when police shot and killed 34 of their colleagues at the Wonderkop Koppie outside Rustenburg in North West.

Mpofu says despite the Farlam Commission’s findings and recommendations, more questions than answers remain.

“Unlike the Sharpville, Langa, Soweto, and Alexandra Massacres and all the other massacres that occurred under the apartheid,  Marikana was the first massacre that happened since the dawn of democracy. However, in those times we could say well it’s the apartheid government, what do you expect?  But now these are the people that ourselves have chosen to lead us out of that mess and they came and did exactly the same thing that was done by the oppressor.”

Meanwhile, the CEO of Sibanye Still Water, formerly Lonmin, Neal Froneman, says the company has succeeded in engaging all parties affected by the August 2012 tragedy, to discuss securing the much-needed jobs.

“We can never fully understand what happened in 2012 but we’ve seen the impact on the community of Marikana and we, therefore, took a continuous decision that we meaningfully contribute towards the solutions by all stakeholders in the short time that we’ve been managing Marikana operations. We’ve succeeded in restoring the operation credibility and securing the license and the jobs that they had.”

In the video below is the commemoration of the Marikana Massacre in 2020:


Cold front, wet conditions to hit W Cape from Thursday
11 August 2021, 3:07 PM

The South African Weather Service has warned of cold and wet conditions, with temperatures dropping below 10 degrees celsius, in some parts of the Western Cape on Thursday and Friday.

The service says the cold front will also bring light snowfalls over the mountains in the Boland.

Fresh to strong south-easterly winds can be expected for both days resulting in a significant wind chill factor.


Farmers have been warned that the low temperatures could affect livestock and crops.

Video: Last month heavy rains hit Western Cape

Cele refutes claims of looting resurgence in KwaZulu-Natal
10 August 2021, 9:43 PM

Police Minister Bheki Cele has denied claims that the looting that took place on Monday night that took place last night at a warehouse in Marianridge west of Durban, is a resurgence of last month’s unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

It is believed that community members in Marianridge stormed the warehouse, helping themselves to expired bottles of alcohol that had been discarded outside the building as waste.

The outlet is amongst several that suffered looting during last month’s unrest. Police confirmed that a 45-year-old man died during what is believed to have been a stampede when police dispersed the group.

“There was a cleaning of a warehouse that was looted sometime before. But they took the staff they put outside the ware house including the expired alcohol. Having took the expired alcohol, put it next to the fence, and indeed you would definitely attract people to come in that situation. But we have spoken to several people, to say if there are such things, there is nothing wrong with the managers telling us as the police so that we are able to monitor that situation,” says  Cele.

The Police Minister has confirmed that 12 more people have been arrested in connection with the unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

KZN police launch an inquest after a body was found outside a liquor warehouse:

South Africans decry souring food prices
10 August 2021, 9:36 PM

An increase in food prices has left many South Africans struggling to keep their stomachs full. The situation which has also been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic has seen the country’s household food basket increasing by R280 more in the past 11 months.

Job losses and the ailing economy have made the situation even harder.

The recent Household Affordability Index by the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity Group shows the cost of the household food basket in July was at R4100.

Food prices have gone up significantly over the past year.

Eleven million people are unemployed and more and more South African consumers are struggling to put food on the table.

A 54-year-old from Soshanguve, Sisi Molepo, is one of those battling to feed her family. The mother of three survives on piece jobs which have also become scarce since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The child support grant from her two young ones is also not enough to sustain her family.

“Back then, I used to be able to get into the supermarket and buy most household items and food. Now I can’t. You go into a shop and just buy the basic foods. Electricity is expensive, taxi fare is expensive, gas is also expensive. Children have gone back to school and  they also need to eat at school.”

Despite the price of some staples such as maize having decreased some remain expensive for many poor South Africans.

Potatoes and onions are among those as well as cooking oil which is 35% more expensive than it was in September last year due to a global shortage.

Mervyn Abrahams of Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice and Dignity Group says the cost of food basket has increased by 7% in a year.

“When we look at the minimum wage for the month of July, a worker earning that wage would come at home with R3817,00 while the cost of the food basket is R4137, 00. So, the cost of the basket surpasses the national minimum wage as well as other types of increases.”

Electricity, fuel, and transport price hikes have also exacerbated the situation.

Abrahams says the 2 million jobs losses since the pandemic is reflective in consumer buyer behavior.

“People are buying less food or less nutritious food and both are bad in the middle of a pandemic because less nutritious food or less food to eat both of which increases hunger and negatively impact on our immune and our ability to effectively with COVID- 19 should we contract the virus.”

And while South Africans are battling with affording food, a recent study by the CSIR shows that food wastage in the country is on the rise.

An estimated 10.3 million tonnes per annum of edible food goes to waste, with an increase in household wastage.

A loss equivalent to 45% of the available food supply in the country.

“A lot of food is wasted. The most wastage happens at the processing and manufacturing stages. SA consumers are very convenience orientated; we go for prepared meals. Also, a lot of wastage happens at the household level and this was quite an interesting finding. Our previous study indicated that about 5% of overall wastage happens at a household level now this time around we find that 18% of wastage occurs at household level”, says The CSIR’s Professor Suzan Oelefse.

Economists are predicting a decline in the coming weeks in some food items especially those influenced by the global markets such as cooking oil.

Rising cost of living in SA is discussed in the video below:

New York Governor Cuomo resigns after sexual harassment findings
10 August 2021, 8:51 PM

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, resigned on Tuesday following an inquiry that found he sexually harassed 11 women, mounting legal pressure and demands for his departure by President Joe Biden and others, a startling downfall for a man once seen as a possible U.S. presidential contender.

Cuomo, a Democrat who had served since 2011 as governor of the fourth most-populous U.S. state, made the announcement after New York Attorney General Letitia James on Aug. 3 released the results of a five-month independent investigation that concluded he had engaged in conduct that violated U.S. and state laws.

The investigation, detailed in a 168-page report found that Cuomo groped, kissed or made suggestive comments to women including current and former government workers – one a state trooper – and retaliated against at least one woman who accused him of sexual misconduct. Cuomo denied wrongdoing.

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, a Democrat from western New York, will take over as governor of the state of more than 19 million people until the end of Cuomo’s term in December 2022 as outlined in the state’s constitution, becoming the first woman to hold the post.

Cuomo’s resignation marks the second time in 13 years that a New York governor has stepped down in scandal after Eliot Spitzer quit in 2008 over his patronage of prostitutes.

Cuomo also became the latest powerful man taken down in recent years following the rise of the #MeToo social movement against sexual abuse and harassment that has shaken politics, Hollywood, the business world, and the workplace.

His resignation spared Cuomo from possible removal from office through impeachment proceedings in the state legislature. An ongoing impeachment investigation had only promised to intensify.

Cuomo, 63, was elected to three terms as governor, as was his late father, Mario Cuomo. He previously served as U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development secretary from 1997 to 2001 under former President Bill Clinton.

Like his father, Andrew Cuomo never ran for president despite speculation about his possible national ambitions. He gained national prominence last year early in the COVID-19 pandemic after delivering daily news conferences as his state became the U.S. epicenter of the public health crisis.

The civil investigation found that the actions of Cuomo and his senior advisers violated multiple state and federal laws, but James did not pursue criminal charges. Local prosecutors are free to do so, meaning Cuomo still could face legal jeopardy.

Local prosecutors in Manhattan, Nassau County, Albany County, and Westchester County said after the report’s release that they are looking into the matter and have requested evidence from the independent inquiry. New York City’s mayor said Cuomo should face criminal charges. Additional reporting by SABC News

In the video below Sherwin Bryce-Pease discusses the resignation:




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