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 Sun City launches COVID-19 workplace vaccination centre
24 July 2021, 8:42 PM

Sun City has availed one of its properties to be used as a workplace vaccination centre. The North West resort aims to vaccinate over seven thousand employees, service providers and their families at the site.

The vaccination centre was officially launched earlier today.

“Through cooperation with the Department of Health, we managed to achieve a workplace vaccination site certification, which means we are able to vaccinate our employees. And we’ve embarked on extending that, and the Department of Health in the North West has really supported us with that. So, our intention is then to move on to the broader hospitality industry and thereafter we will move on to the broader community. We have a concurrent application with the Department of Health at the moment for a mass vaccination site,” says Sun City General Manager, Brett Hoppe.

North West Health MEC Madoda Sambatha says the venue will soon become a mass vaccination site.

As we are here today we meant to officially launch. They must start vaccination. We want them to do vaccinations, almost like education did, and social development has done. In a period of fewer than five days, they must have finished the target of the sector. Based on that, we would then do an evaluation together with them and the department and see what else can we do with the site.”

Sun City Resort’s Convention Centre to open COVID-19 workplace vaccination site:

Slow progress in the launch of the new SAA
24 July 2021, 7:12 PM

Preparations for the launch of the new South African Airways (SAA) are moving at a snail’s pace. So far, the new management has prioritised the renewal of expired safety licenses. The strategic equity partnership with the Takatso Consortium has not yet been consummated.

There’s still a long road ahead before SAA can take to the skies again. It’s been over a month since government announced the 51-percent sale of SAA to the Takatso Consortium.

Gordhan announces equity partner for South African Airways:

But there seems to be little or no movement in concluding some of the paperwork, this could be a sign that the negotiations on the structure of the company could be tough. The Companies Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) is still waiting for SAA to update its registration. SAA has also not amended its Memorandum of Incorporation.

Slow progress the launch of the new SAA:

Senior Manager at the CIPC Adv Christa Klokow says, “In terms of our internal workflow systems we have not received a change in the MOI for SAA, in terms of the Companies Act any change to the directorship of any companies requires that the company must inform the CIPC in ten working days after the change has occurred who the person is and their address. In the case of SAA after it exited business rescue their minor changes but that related to non-executive directorship, there has not been a big shift, notify us accordingly.”

The airline has been making a little progress in some areas. SAA has been hard at work taking its aircraft out of preservation storage and replacing many of the expired components, as well as ensuring that the pilots and cabin crew currencies are renewed. SAA also recently applied for a compliance certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). So far, the CAA has flagged a number of non-compliance issues with the national flag carrier.

Simon Segwabe, Executive for Aviation Safety Operation at the CAA says, “SAA applied for the renewal of their air operator certificate on the 1st of April that was followed by the renewal audit in order to ensure compliance with the CAA regulations prior to the issuance of the air operator license certificate. Where we are with the process currently, we have noted some non-compliances with our audits, and the operator is afforded opportunity to address some non-compliances prior to us concluding the transaction with them.”

The authority says the ball is currently in SAA’s court to correct all areas of non-compliance.

“At this stage we are guided by the corrective plan submitted by SAA, only then once found acceptable we will be able to issue the certificate at this stage. The process is in the hands of the applicant or the operator,” adds Segwabe.

The good news is that if SAA succeeds in addressing all its non-compliances, the airline could have its operator certificate by the end of this month.

This is just one hurdle to overcome, with many more to come before SAA can finally spread its wings again.


Nelson Mandela Bay tavern owners decry loss of business due to lockdown
24 July 2021, 6:09 PM

Tavern owners in the Nelson Mandela Bay region say they are losing millions of rands due to Level four lockdown regulations imposed by President Cyril  Ramaphosa. On the other hand, black market traders of alcohol are mushrooming despite strict restrictions.

Legal tavern owners are now pleading with government to assist them with a grant to maintain their businesses.

They say, the new regulations under Level four have had major setbacks on their businesses and they are struggling to feed their families.

One of the tavern owners in the Nelson Mandela Bay region, Zat Ndima, raised a number of concerns.

“There are 34 500 liquor trader licenses in South Africa, they are worth between R40 to R60 billion in liquor sales, illegal traders or black market is worth millions of rands. That money is supposed to go through licensed liquor traders.” 

 South Africa’s alcohol industry calls for a lift on sales ban:

In June, the National Liquor Traders Council (NLTC)  warned that some industry members are considering defying the recent ban on the sale of alcohol, saying employees need to earn an income to support their families.

NTLC convenor Lucky Ntimane says, “The President can make an announcement that subjects our liquor traders to almost perpetual poverty without providing other means that are going to cushion against the blow that this ban is going to bring to our traders. We feel that it is unfair that the industry continues to be targeted this way.”

“We are not going to let this decision by the President stand. We are going to take him on, we are going to consult with our members today. If needs be, it means we will defy this ban. Who is going to support us for the next two weeks? What is better? Breaking the law for supporting our families? For us, we feel that we need to be taken seriously and we will do that, and whatever is necessary,” explains Ntimane.

Earlier, the Beer Association of South Africa (BASA) expressed disappointment over Cabinet’s banning of the sale of alcohol.


SAPS says news relating to shooting of man linked to Phoenix killings is fake
24 July 2021, 5:05 PM

Police says hoax social media posts falsely claiming the fatal shooting of a man purportedly linked to the recent murders in Phoenix north of Durban are fake.

This is after SAPS released a media statement alleging that police have noted with concern social media posts that have gone viral, falsely claiming the fatal shooting of an Indian man who according to these posts, is involved in the recent multiple murders in Phoenix, KwaZulu-Natal.

SAPS spokesperson Brenda Muridili says they can confirm the arrest of eight suspects in relation to the Phoenix murders.

“Police can confirm that eight suspects have thus far been arrested. One suspect has already appeared in court and is case remanded to 16 August 2021, while the other seven suspects are expected to appear before the court on Monday 26 July 2021. Some of these suspects are allegedly connected to more than one murder case while others will face charges relating to attempted murder, malicious damage to property, and defeating the ends of justice. The possibility of more arrests being effected cannot be ruled out as a dedicated team of detectives works around the clock on the investigation of the Phoenix murders. Social media users have been cautioned to refrain from circulating and spreading inflammatory messages that seek to incite violence and fuel tensions amongst communities. The incessant spreading of such fake and malicious posts will not be taken lightly.”

‘Unresolved anger, trauma could be the cause of Phoenix violence’

Director of the International Centre of Non-violence at the Durban University of Technology Crispin Hemson says unresolved anger and trauma could be the cause of what is currently happening in Phoenix, northwest of Durban.

Fears are mounting that the rising racial tensions in the area could result in clashes between police and angry protesters.

The KwaZulu-Natal government says more than 20 people have been killed in Phoenix since the outbreak of last week’s unrest, which saw shops being looted and property vandalised.

Morning Live speaks to residents of Phoenix on what has happened:

WARNING: PROFANITY | Residents recount what happened to them and their loved ones in Phoenix: 

SAUS appeals for stability at Higher Education following suspension of DG
24 July 2021, 4:30 PM

The South African Union of Students (SAUS) has appealed to the Department of Higher Education to bring stability within the department.

This follows the suspension of the Director-General, Gwebinkundla Qonde, after a disclaimer audit opinion by the Auditor-General of South Africa.

SAUS has also raised concerns over the allocation of NSFAS funds.

SAUS NEC member Asive Dlanjwa says only 48 percent of the qualifying students have received their funding so far.

“We have also noted that of the 1.2 million students who are eligible for funding for 2021 only 48 percent of those students have since received their funding and this is worrying for us. And we are saying the department through NSFAS must expedite the payment and allocation to these students so that they are able to get on with their academic year unprejudiced and unhindered. Lastly we have noted the suspension of the Director-General in the department, and although we have not applied ourselves as to what this means for the department . We have noted that there is some level of instability in the department  and we are saying the minister must act very fast to bring stability in the department.”

Dlanjwa says they are also concerned with the department’s vaccination roll out strategy.

Accusations of mismanagement at NSFAS:




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