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It’s Sardine Run this weekend in KZN
7 August 2021, 8:09 PM

Sardine lovers are in for a treat this long weekend – netters are pulling in big shoals of these silvery delicacies at various beaches across the golden mile in Durban.

Netter Goolam Essack says he has netted close to 400 baskets of sardines from Addington to Ushaka beach in Durban.

Essack says anglers are also benefitting from the large sardine shoals which bring in big game fish.

“From Thursday, I’m netting in Durban there’s a lot of sardines in Durban massive shoals of sardines and I got a big haul yesterday and I got another big haul today and this morning I got a nice haul of 400 baskets and there’s a lot of sardines in Durban. Durban is full up all the way from Brighton Beach, even the south coast is full of sardines. “

Human Rights Commission to probe recent civil unrest
7 August 2021, 7:26 PM

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) is set to launch a National Investigative hearing into the July civil unrest.

Last month’s looting and violence in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng left more than 340 people dead and resulted in mass human rights violations.

Most victims died in stampedes during the looting and shootings.

Damage to infrastructure and property amounted to billions of rands. It also had a devastating impact on the country’s economy with some businesses being unable to reopen.

In a statement, the commission says the role and effectiveness of the state particularly of police and the security cluster as a whole will come under scrutiny.

The commission will also investigate underlying reasons that contributed to the unrest, looting and violence.

It says its decision to probe these events was informed by an Imbizo it held in July in an effort to better understand and respond to the challenges brought by the unrest.

The Commission will then recommend short, medium and long-term measures to be adopted by relevant stakeholders and the State to address the resultant human rights violations and prevent a recurrence of future unrest, including better public order policing.

Video: CRL Rights Commission is concerned about the conflict in some parts of the country

Beijing tightens epidemic control on visitors, flights
7 August 2021, 7:21 PM

The Chinese capital Beijing further enhanced epidemic control, as negative nucleic acid test results are required for travelers who have been to the medium and high risk areas, and more domestic flights to the city’s Daxing Airport have been canceled.

Xu Hejian, spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Government, briefed the press on the latest epidemic situation Saturday.

“From 0:00 on Aug 6 to 15:00 on August 7, Beijing reported neither new locally transmitted COVID-19 cases, suspected cases or asymptomatic cases nor imported confirmed cases, suspected cases or asymptomatic cases,” he said.

The capital city with a population of more than 20 million still faces the risks of imported cases and epidemic rebound, and so its responses must be more rapid, strict and practical, Xu reiterated. The city strives to secure zero infection.

“We will further tighten the epidemic prevention management on risk personnel entering or returning to Beijing. For those who are still in medium and high-risk county-level areas and those who have traveled to these areas in the past 14 days but have to enter or return to Beijing, we will use pop-up texts to inform them that they must follow local epidemic control requirements and defer their entering or returning to Beijing.

The railway, civil aviation and highway checkpoints must strengthen far-end passenger screening and check their Beijing health code.

Those with green Beijing health code can return to Beijing if they have negative nucleic acid test result certificate done within 48 hours before boarding airplanes or trains. We will enforce epidemic control measures such as health monitoring on them after their arrival,” Xu announced.

“We have upgraded the epidemic control policies at the Daxing Airport. Currently, the airport only handles domestic flights but no international passenger or cargo flights. So far the flights from 15 domestic cities to the Daxing International Airport have been canceled.

They are the cities of Shenyang, Nanjing, Yangzhou, Haikou, Changde, Zhangjiajie, Chengdu (Tianfu), Yibin, Wuxi, Dalian, Yantai, Mianyang, Wuhu, Baoshan, and Shanghai Pudong,” said Wen Wu, deputy general manager of the Beijing Daxing International Airport.

Cape Town artist aspires to set up bee hives in his community
7 August 2021, 6:26 PM

A musician from Gugulethu in Cape Town has dreams of transforming the township into a honey hub. Vuyo Myoli regards himself as a farmer by day and an artist by night.

He started off with an organic food garden, during the COVID-19 lockdown. But he has now set his sights and taste buds on something somewhat sweeter.

One could say that Myoli has always had a bee in his bonnet. Even though, as a child, he may not have fully appreciated the immense value the little insects have on the environment.

He now dreams of setting up beehives in all thirteen market gardens in Gugulethu.

“I grew up liking bees because there was always marigold around. Maybe taking bees, taking those tins of juice, we were thinking that we were making honey but we were killings bees. Now it’s time for me to pay back and we can’t live without bees. Four years without bees, we are all going to die in the world.”

Bees are among the hardest-working creatures on Earth. As pollinators, they play a crucial role in biodiversity, food security, and human livelihoods.

Myoli says, as a certified beekeeper since last year, he is still learning. It’s not only his desire to set himself up as a beekeeping business, he also hopes to impart the knowledge and importance of bee conservation to his community.

” I need 25 hives to start getting honey from Gugulethu because I realise in the people that I’m meeting they are asking me: are you the beekeeper from Gugulethu? Do you have honey that is coming from Gugulethu? So I’m trying to come up with that solution now. Hence, I’m going to teach even others in my community how to take care of these hives that are in this market garden. The next campaign that I will be doing is one market garden, one hive. In that sense, I’m giving a free pollination season which is what is expensive so that garden must have the best produce. You see now we are tackling two things, the food and the honey side of the thing.”

Myoli is appealing for sponsorships to acquire the hives necessary to fulfill his dream of making Gugulethu the buzzword in the local honey business.

Dream to transform Gugulethu into a honey hub:

Mo Shaik lauds incorporation of State Security into presidency
6 August 2021, 9:21 PM

Former Intelligence boss Mo Shaik has lauded the incorporation of the State Security agency portfolio to the presidency.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has taken responsibility for state security into his cabinet and appointed former cabinet minister, Sydney Mufamadi as National Security Adviser.

Shaik says intelligence services fall under a system of checks and balances and the decision by Ramaphosa will ensure that the structure functions optimally.

“I think what we have had is a dysfunctionality of the intelligence services and that (of the) security cluster as a whole. But that dysfunctionality is, I think, what is going to be sorted out now, so that there is more coherence in government; there’s more systematic processing of information and systematic action based on the information processed. So, I don’t think it reflects badly on the ministers that were there. What it does reflect is that the inefficiency that was inherent to the system will now be resolved hopefully in a new way going forward.”

Former spy boss Mo Shaik welcomes the incorporation of State Security agency into the presidency:

Video: Reaction to changes made to the Security Cluster: Dr. Jakkie



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