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KwaZulu-Natal police launch campaign to protect people with albinism
24 November 2017, 6:14 PM

The police have launched a campaign in Manguzi, in far northern KwaZulu-Natal, to protect people with albinism.

The area has the highest incidence of albinism in the province and is a hotspot of attacks on people living with the genetic condition.

Police officers, parents and children with albinism joined a march from the town to the Tembe Tribal Court as part of the campaign launch.

Divisional Commissioner of Visible Policing General Nobesuthu Masiye says the killing of people with albinism has been made a priority crime.

“We have further engaged with tribal authority Inkosi. We were doing door-to-door campaign in Manguzi to ensure that our communities are educated in terms of how the crime is committed and to stop anything that they suspect, where the suspects utilise our kids or believing that they can make umuthi. To enforce and to emphasise this issue of stopping crime against people with albinism, we are engaging with community members and educating them, as well as giving them light on how to ensure our people are protected at all times.”

Mnangagwa aims to revive the economy
24 November 2017, 5:23 PM

New Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has emphasized that his first task will be to revive the ailing economy of his country.

Mnangagwa was officially sworn in as the third President of Zimbabwe.  This follows the resignation of former President Robert Mugabe earlier this week, after being at the helm for 37 years.

Mnagagwa has pledged his life to the people of this country after taking office.

It was history in the making as Zimbabweans ushered in their new President.

The National Stadium with the capacity of more the 60 000 was packed to capacity with supporters raising their national flag.

Once Mnangagwa stepped into the arena he was warmly received with loud cheers and screams.

Following the President’s oath of office, a fly past of the helicopters and jets was observed followed by the 21 guns salute.

Then it was time to hear the official address of the President, Mnagagwa begin his speech paying respect to former President Robert Mugabe, saying his efforts to liberate this country must not go unrecognized.

Mnangagwa has also urged the people of Zimbabwe to be united and let bygones be bygones.

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‘Rape survivors not given enough support’
24 November 2017, 4:41 PM

Communities are not giving enough support to survivors of rape and sexual abuse. This is according to HIV/AIDS activists who spearheaded the launch of a campaign for 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women and Children in Durban.

The 2017’s theme is ‘Breaking the Chains’. It is aimed at giving support to rape survivors by encouraging them to speak out, stop ignorance and denial around gender-based violence.

Rape survivor and activist Silungile Mntambo says gender-based violence is hardly reported and dealt with because of the stigma.

Mntambo is urging people to come together and fight the stigma.

“We have realised that there is a link between HIV and gender-based violence. Once, as a woman, you are known that you are living with HIV, definitely sure people will stigmatise you, discriminate (against) you … and gender-based violence … your partner will be violent towards you, community. Like for instance, an incident happened in Illovu township where a woman living with HIV and AIDS owned a tuck shop. After people knew she was HIV positive, they stopped buying from her tuck shop. We said no violence towards us. It is too much. Let’s come together and make a difference in our community.”

Meanwhile, Activist Larissa Klazinga says the wheels of the country’s justice system turn too slowly when dealing with gender-based violence.  She says this causes many victims to drop charges.

“All of us have been touched somehow by gender-based violence. We all know that the statistics underplay the reality. The silent protest is trying to break the silence. The majority of people who are survivors of gender-based violence never reported it formally to the police because of the system impediment. You get told that you are making it up; maybe you were drunk when it happened; and somehow it’s your fault. There is no enough evidence. It’s his word against yours. The average rape cases take from the day of report to the day of final verdict in a trial, 4 years and 36 postponements. Who can stand and do that?”

UN Deputy Secretary General commends Zimbabweans for removing Mugabe
24 November 2017, 2:06 PM

United Nations Deputy Secretary General Amina Mohammed has commended Zimbabweans for removing Robert Mugabe.

She was speaking at a time when Zimbabweans have gathered to welcome Emmerson Mnangagwa as their new leader in the capital Harare. Mugabe announced his resignation last week following a military take over.

Mohammed is in South Africa to deliver 15th Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture. In an exclusive interview with SABC news she spoke about the current situation in Zimbabwe.

“I think that it is a new era for Zimbabwe. I think they should congratulate themselves that there came a breaking point where they questioned their leadership, but I also think that leadership should step down. I think a number of things came together for Zimbabwe it could have been so much worse.”

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Mugabe defies demands to quit as Zimbabwe’s leader after party fires him
19 November 2017, 9:44 PM

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on Sunday defied his own ZANU-PF party and hundreds of thousands of protesters demanding his resignation by pledging in a television address to preside over the party’s next congress in December.

Two sources – one a senior member of the government, the other familiar with talks with leaders of the military – had told Reuters Mugabe would use the address to announce his resignation after ZANU-PF earlier sacked him as its leader in a step precipitated by an army takeover four days earlier.

But in the speech from his official residence, sitting alongside a row of generals, Mugabe acknowledged criticisms from ZANU-PF, the military and the public, but made no mention of his own position, instead pledging to preside over the ZANU-PF congress scheduled for next month.

ZANU-PF had given the 93-year-old, who led his country to indepndence in 1980, less than 24 hours to quit as head of state or face impeachment, an attempt to secure a peaceful end to his tenure after a de facto military coup.

The leader of Zimbabwe’s liberation war veterans said plans to impeach Mugabe would now go ahead.

Chris Mutsvangwa, who has been leading a campaign to oust Mugabe, told Reuters in a text message moments after Mugabe finished his speech that people would take to the streets of Harare on Wednesday.

ZANU-PF’s central committee had earlier named Emmerson Mnangagwa as its new leader. It was Mugabe’s sacking of Mnangagwa as his vice-president, to pave the way for his wife Grace to succeed him, that triggered the army’s intervention.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands took to the streets of the capital Harare to celebrate Mugabe’s downfall and hail a new era for their country.


Reaction after the speech:

War vets leader says Mugabe will be impeached

The leader of Zimbabwe’s war veterans said on Sunday plans to impeach President Robert Mugabe would go ahead as scheduled after the 93-year-old leader defied expectations that he would resign in a national address.

Chris Mutsvangwa, who has been leading a campaign to oust Mugabe, told Reuters in a text message moments after Mugabe finished his speech that people would take to the streets of Harare on Wednesday.




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