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At least 25 people arrested after Cape Peninsula protests
27 July 2020, 4:00 PM

At least 25 people have been arrested across the Cape Peninsula on charges of public violence and contravening sections of the Disaster Management Act. This follows various shutdown protests called by the Cape Coloured People’s Congress demanding, among others, houses and job opportunities.

Police fired stun grenades and teargas to disperse stone-throwing youths on the outskirts of Parkwood not far from the M-5 highway. It is one of the areas where protesters gathered during the shutdown demonstrations organised in mainly coloured communities across the city.

Protesters held placards along busy roads and intersections in Parkwood, Mitchells Plain and Heideveld to highlight their demands.

“Listen to our grievances, why are our people are marginalised, the police told us we have 10 minutes we cannot protest otherwise they arresting us,  why are the citizens of South Africa not treated equally? We want them to stop marginalising us. We also want jobs so the community can stop begging for food, stop robbing people.”

In the video below, train services were affected by the protests: 


The 25 protesters were arrested in Mamre and Bellville South.

Police Spokesperson Novela Potelwa says the arrests were made in connection with a range of crimes, including public violence and contravention of parts of the Disaster Management Act.

“In Mamre, a group of about 200 protesters burnt tyres on Silverstream road and pelted police with stones. Police responded and six persons were apprehended.  A police official was injured in the face during the commotion.  Sporadic incidents of public violence also were reported in Belville South on Frank Lowe Avenue and Greenlands that resulted in 12 persons being arrested.”

The shutdown demonstrations take place at a time when the City is experiencing sporadic protests linked to land invasions on the Cape Flats.

Fraud case against bank consultant who allegedly stole millions from Limpopo government postponed
27 July 2020, 2:22 PM

The fraud case against a 27-year-old bank employee, who allegedly stole R25 million from the bank accounts of Limpopo provincial government departments, has been postponed to Thursday. Fhatuwani Mudzanani appeared before the Waterval Magistrate’s Court in Elim today.

He was arrested by the Hawks a week ago. It is alleged that Mudzanani transferred money into various bank accounts that he had opened.

Mudzanani’s bail application, which was set to proceed today, was postponed after his lawyer, Advocate Desmond Mphaphuli, made an application for a postponement. He told the court that he was only given instruction last night to take over the case by a colleague, who represented Mudzanani. Mphaphuli said he needed more time to properly consult with Mudzanani before proceeding with a bail application.

Prosecutor Ntendeleni Tshinyani did not object to the request of the defense. Senior Magistrate, Avhurengwi Munyai granted the application for postponement.

National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) Spokesperson, Mashudu Malabi-Dzhangi, says Mudzanani’s first lawyer fell ill.

“The matter of Sidwell Mudzanani has been postponed to Thursday the 30th in Waterval court due to the fact that the attorney was not feeling well, that’s why the matter is being postponed for the appearance again for bail application.”

Mudzanani is from Mashau village in Elim outside Louis Trichardt. He allegedly stole millions of rand from government and transferred the money into his bank accounts. Four bank cards and about R2 000 in cash were seized from his house during his arrest.  The Hawks say they had been investigating the case for about a month.

Mudzanani remains in custody.

FEATURE: Musician Tzafenda to release new single titled ‘Its Alright’
25 July 2020, 12:51 PM

Creatives Under Lockdown is a SABC News feature that focuses on issues affecting artists. This week Hip-Hop artist Tzafenda talks about his upcoming single.

Hip-Hop artist Tzafenda.

Musician Tzanfeda’s journey began at the age of 13 when he wrote his first Kwaito song. However, it was when he joined TUT FM as a presenter that he started taking music seriously. His taste also changed to Hip-Hop because of the show he hosted. “I was DJing for quite some time, doing the Hip-Hop show and something crossed my mind to say that I can actually do the rapping because I enjoyed and loved it. “ 

Born in Attridgeville and raised in Soshanguve, Tzafenda, whose real name is Thizwihangwi Nemanashe says his music aims to foster societal change. “The kind of music that I am doing is the music that is rhythm and poetry; it is the music and the message. I try to foster societal change or to make a difference and to raise awareness about certain things that are happening in our lives or society.”  

His new single titled ‘Its Alright’ is dedicated to, among others, his mother.  “It is a personal song, it is a tribute to my mom, my family and everyone else who can relate to the struggles of life with your family, just to appreciate them and to say, ‘you know what we have come through a long way, through all the hardships and the good times and we are still here,’.”

Tzafenda grew up listening to artists including, among others, Snoop and Tupac in the early to mid-90s. He says while the Hip-Hop landscape has grown commercially in South Africa, the quality of the message and the music has dropped.

“It has grown in terms of more people producing or getting involved in producing Hip-Hop music, more Hip-Hop artists and productions and different styles of Hip-Hop coming up but in terms of the quality of the music, in terms of what we call rhythm and poetry rap, the message has been lost quite a bit because it has been more of a turn-up industry.”

More and more artists are going independent, not signing with record labels. Tzafenda says the digital platforms that are now at artists’ disposal make it easier to distribute music.

“Going independent is that you own everything, that means the publishing, the marketing rights, the image rights, those are the pros of going independent. The cons would be that distribution of the music becomes a problem but this game of technology nowadays you can also do that via digital stores, so it has become easier for us independent artists to actually distribute.” 

Tzafenda will be promoting ‘Its Alright’ throughout spring. The song will officially be released on 31 July, however, it is already available on

Below is the interview with Tzafenda: 

Q: Who is your favourite artist? 

A: Zakwe, Stogie T, it is one of the two, and internationally my favourite artist would have to be J Cole and Nas. 

Q: What else do you do if you are not in the studio? 

A: If I am not working, I am reading a book or coaching football. I have a soccer team that I coach in Soshanguve. I have kids from the age of 6 up until the ages of 20. I have got five divisions, the football club’s name is Sporting Galaxy, so I am in between projects in the community. 

Q: What are your other talents? 

A: I can play football and I can actually act. I did a bit of acting back in the mid-2000s, on Generations and Isidingo. Those are my talents and also that I can write screenplays. 

Q: Are you and an introvert or an extrovert? 

A: I am a bit of both, I am a Libra, so there is always an issue of balance with Libra, you know, so I am a bit of both, it depends on what is happening. 

Q: If you were to be inaugurated as President, what would your first priority? 

A: Dealing with corruption 

You can follow Tzafenda on Facebook Page: Tzafenda, Twitter  @tafendacruz.

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Motshekga welcomes school break announcement
23 July 2020, 11:15 PM

Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga has welcomed President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of a school break. Addressing the country virtually on Thursday, President Ramaphosa said that the decision was taken after consultation with different stakeholders.

Public schools will close from 27 July to 24 August. However, Grade 7 and 12 will take shorter breaks.

President Ramaphosa’s address to the nation: 

In a statement, the Department of Education says although the sector has successfully reopened schools, the increase in the number of community infections in the country has lead to psychological and emotional stress for some. “This has spilled over into schools as schools are a microcosm of society. The impact of COVID-19 has also lead to the health facilities being overstretched and some schools taking the strain.”

The Cabinet also approved the following;

  • 4 weeks break starting on 27 July 2020-24 August for public schools.
  • School Management teams using the whole of the first week (27-31 July 2020) to wrap up work at school and returning with teachers a week earlier (17-21 August 2020) for the return of learners.
  • Grade 7 learners to return on 10 August 2020.
  • The academic year to be extended beyond 2020.
  • Arrangements for different categories of special schools should be made.
  • Establishment of the Task Team comprising of key stakeholders in the sector to deal with identified challenges.

Motshekga says the break will allow schools to prepare for the return of more grades in school later in August . The Minister has urged school communities to continue with their work during the break.

Sadtu reacts to the four week break

The move comes after extensive lobbying by civil society and teacher unions.

“This is exactly what we needed,  the four week break.  It may not have been everything that we wanted but we got what we needed and it will give us an opportunity to address all the challenges that we have been experiencing in our schools in order to make sure that the schools are safe for our learners and our teachers. We don’t always get what we want,” says the General Secretary of  Sadtu, Mugwena Malule.

153 new coronavirus-related deaths recorded in SA
23 July 2020, 10:25 PM

The Department of Health has announced 153 new COVID-19 related deaths.

“Forty-eight from Eastern Cape, 31 from Gauteng, 38 from KwaZulu Natal, 8 from Northern Cape, 28 from Western Cape. This brings the cumulative number of deaths to 6 093,” says the Department in a statement.

President Cyril Ramaphosa earlier announced that the total number of coronavirus cases now stands at  408 052 with a record of 13 104 new cases.  He also announced a four weeks break for public schools.

The number of recoveries currently stands at 236 260, which translates to a recovery rate of 58%. More than  2.6 million tests have been conducted with 46 632 new tests conducted since the last report.

SA COVID-19 stats:







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