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Family of Marikana victim receives a house
20 December 2017, 7:17 PM

The family of a slain Marikana miner will for the first time ever celebrate Christmas in a proper house. It is part of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU’s) promise to the families of the 44 victims.

Mmathabang Ntshenyeho’s husband, Andries was among the group gunned down by police. It was a dark chapter in the country’s history when 34 miners were shot and killed by police at Marikana.

Among the victims was Andries Ntshenyeho. He died fighting for a decent living wage. Life has been hard for his widow and their five children. They have been living in a shack.

“My husband was working but his wish was to build a house for his children but he couldn’t because he was earning too little,” says widow Mmathabang Ntshenyeho.

More than five years later, the promised three-bedroom house has been built. This single parent was overcome by emotion. All families of the dead miners will benefit from the project including those of the ten police and security personnel killed in the days before the massacre.

“As Amcu we are proud to report to comrade Andries Ntshenyeho that we have managed to live to these workers’ demands from R4500 to a minimum salary of R11500 in three years,” says Amcu president Joseph Mathunjwa.

Amcu claims that there is a concerted campaign against its members. At least seven have been killed this year alone. “We have seen comrades being assassinated recently but that did never scare or instil fear in our comrades in leading their fellow comrades,” says Mathunjwa.

Many widows are grieving with some consolation for Mmabatho Ntshenyehos as a New Year beckons.

ANC conference resolves to prioritise cases of corruption within govt
20 December 2017, 6:59 PM

Chairperson of the Peace and Stability Commission David Mahlobo says the African National Congress Elective Conference sitting in Nasrec, Johannesburg, has resolved that all cases of corruption within government must be investigated with speed.

He says there is no reason why there have not been any arrests, after convictions of any form of misconduct or corruption within all the government institutions. Mahlobo was addressing the media earlier on Wednesday.

“We have done a lot of investigations, but reports are sitting and we want those people to be brought to court. Go to municipalities and we have people sitting there and in the provinces there are Auditors’ reports sitting there. Public protector’s reports that are including the SIU and the ANC say there is no room for corruption. We just have to implement the things that are there, including anti-corruption agencies. They must just improve their coordination so that they become effective.”

Mahlobo has raised concerns regarding private security companies using the same uniform as law enforcement agencies. He says the governing party is looking into dealing with incidents where people have had access to police uniforms and blue lights.

“It’s safe to say that we did an assessment of the security situation in the world and reconfirmed that SA remains relatively stable. On private security, nothing has changed, but a discussion and a possible regulation with respect with private security is using the same uniform, like our law enforcement agencies. It creates some challenges. We know that there have been incidents of criminality where people have access to clothing, to blue lights and other things and we said lets deal with that issue.”

Mahlobo has highlighted the need for a higher police presence in communities.

“With respect to the police, we have reconfirmed the question that the number of police must be increased. Remember the radio was one police person around more than 300 citizens to be looked at. We say that over a period of five years that number must be able to come to one is to 150. So, there is an issue of visibility there.”

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Black Leopards give reasons for sacking coach
20 December 2017, 4:51 PM

Black Leopards Club Director Tshifhiwa Thidiela says Ivan Manniert’s failure to get along with players is among the reasons they parted ways with him.

Manniert has been sacked, just two months after his appointment. He had replaced Jean Francis Luscioto.

Thidiela says they will appoint a new coach soon.

“Players were beginning to revolt. They were not taking instructions from the coach. They were also not coping with the methods that he was utilising and also from the office. He was obviously to give us reports of an overview of what is happening in the field of play. In no uncertain terms, he mentioned he will be not be able to do that and felt that for us, if we don’t know what is happening on the field, we are working blind.”

More initiates die in E Cape
20 December 2017, 4:06 PM

The deaths of initiates in the Eastern Cape have risen to 15 since the start of this summer initiation season in the province. There are reports that some deaths have been caused by the negligence of traditional nurses.

The Eastern Cape Health Department says it is concerned about the rising deaths of initiates in the province.

Health spokesperson Sizwe Kupelo says dehydration, asthma attacks and botched circumcisions are among the causes of the deaths.

“We urge parents and other role players to stop being negligent because all this incidents tell us that these initiates died unnecessarily and they have got to seek medical help as soon the boys start to present signs of illnesses. Let us not kill innocent lives unnecessarily.”

Kupelo says, so far, police have managed to arrest four bogus traditional surgeons in the province.

“These deaths will be stopped if the community works together and respects the traditional leaders who are inspecting these initiates. And those who continue to disregard the law should face the law.”

Eastern Cape Department of Traditional Affairs says it will hold a media conference on the latest developments around deaths of initiates on Friday.

Ratings agencies cautiously optimistic about economic future of SA
20 December 2017, 3:12 PM

Ratings agencies are cautiously optimistic about the future of South Africa following the election of Cyril Ramaphosa as African National Congress (ANC) president. However, they point to the closeness of the Nasrec voting and likely challenges in agreeing and implementing changes to economic and fiscal policy.

In a statement Fitch says the full repercussions of Ramaphosa’s victory will be far-reaching, but they are likely to remain unpredictable ahead of the 2019 elections.

Fitch says political uncertainty in the country is likely to continue following Ramaphosa’s election. The ratings agency says economic and fiscal policy uncertainty could remain high in 2018.

Ratings agency Moody’s says Ramaphosa’s election opens up the tentative possibility of a positive shift in the country’s economic policy and an increase in business confidence.

It says this could reverse the gradual deterioration of the country’s credit fundamentals. In November Moody’s placed South Africa’s sovereign debt, which has a Baa3 rating, on review for downgrade.



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