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Unpaid ANC workers say they will not be able to assist with election preparations
16 September 2021, 8:55 AM

African National Congress (ANC) workers who have not yet been paid their salaries say they will not be able to assist with election preparations unless they have the financial means to travel to work.

A number of ANC employees say they have still not received their July and August salaries.

ANC Staff Representative Mvusi Mdlala says, “Some of our staff have been paid and others are still waiting for their salaries. We are being owed the July and August salaries.”

“We are not withholding our labour. Remember, for a person to go to work, you must have money for a taxi or for petrol. If you haven’t received a salary for two months, you have no other option but to stay at home. We are not withholding the labour, the employer is failing to meet its obligation to ensure you are at work. Even if one person doesn’t contribute towards a successful election campaign, it is going to have an impact.”

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Meanwhile, the ANC says it is doing all in its power to resolve the concerns that are being brought by its members. Some members are threatening not to vote in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

Members protested outside Luthuli House in Johannesburg on Wednesday against the party’s Councillor candidate selection process.

They say the process was fraught with corruption and they are accusing their Provincial List Committees of failing to help them.

ANC Spokesperson Pule Mabe says not voting would be detrimental to communities.

“When you don’t vote in your own ward it is not the ANC you are dealing with. You are dealing with yourself because the delivery of services done through an ANC councillor, impact on your own living condition. If you are so willing that you can give away the livelihood of a community where you stay because there are disputes, then you must be comfortable being led by different people in your own community,” says Mabe.

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COSAS disappointed with amendment of matric exam timetable ahead of LGE
16 September 2021, 8:51 AM

The Congress of South African Students (COSAS), has voiced disappointment in the Basic Education Department’s decision to amend the matric exam timetable to accommodate the Local Government Elections.

The final National Senior Certificate examinations are due to start on October 27 rather than November 1 as initially scheduled.

The Department says the amendments will allow for learners who are eligible to vote to cast their ballots.

Matric exams to start earlier than scheduled

However, COSAS’ National spokesperson Douglas Ngobeni says the department should have considered moving the exam date to allow learners more time to focus on studying.

“The department makes an amendment which means they have to squeeze a lot of major subjects in one week so to accommodate the LGE. Let us at least consider our matriculants who are 18 and above who have registered on the special voters roll. During that week, a lot of our learners will be writing their major subjects. After voting they will have to go back to study. The Department of Basic Education should have considered moving the exams after the elections so that learners have got enough time.

Basic Education spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga clarifies the date change for 2021 matric exams:

EFF encourages emerging farmers in North West to change way of voting
16 September 2021, 6:02 AM

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) National Chairperson, Veronica Mente, has encouraged emerging farmers in Taung in the North West to change the way they previously voted. She was speaking during her party’s consultative meeting with farmers from across the Dr Ruth Segomotsi Mompati District.

This is part of the EFF’s election campaign for the upcoming Local Government Elections.

Mente says the African National Congress (ANC) must be removed from power so that people could get better services.

“Comrades let’s change the way we vote and let’s never be afraid to speak the truth to power. Whenever the ANC comes to your house, allow them to come in. If they bring food, take it it’s your food, it’s your money, it’s not a favour. But still tell them the honest truth, that you are actually bringing what has been long mine because what you have just brought today is going to come again in five years’ time,” says Mente.

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Earlier, EFF leader Julius Malema said it is practically impossible to hold political rallies as huge gatherings are not allowed.

Malema says his party will be targetting the big metros on November 1.

The EFF will launch its election manifesto on September 26.

EFF leader Julius Malema on voter mobilisation drive:


South African medical students in Cuba lament lack of support from government
13 September 2021, 9:48 PM

A group of about 150 South African students studying medicine in Cuba has pleaded for donations to acquire basic necessities. They say their stipend is not enough to get them, among others, basics such as medication, food, toiletries and sanitary towels.

They claim that Cuba’s embargo has led to a shortage of amenities which has been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students say the prevailing situation has had a negative impact on them.

Some of the students say the situation is so bad that they are even considering quitting their studies.

“Studying medicine in Cuba has not been easy particularly considering the socio-economic conditions that we have had to endure, where we find ourselves having to cue from as early as 4am in the morning or 5am to get basic suppliers if we are lucky to get them on that day. As a results we have reached out to the Department of Health to assist with these products. Unfortunately, we have not been assisted,” says one of the students.

“Our stipend is too little. It cannot afford us all the supplies we need. We do not even have time to go to the shops, because we have to drop everything because in Cuba things are not as accessible as you would think,” says another student.

“We keep on crying but our cries are not heard. Our government keeps promising us things, but it does not deliver. How are we expected to study?” asks another.

Buffalo City Metro concerned as damn levels continue to drop
13 September 2021, 8:02 PM

Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality in the Eastern Cape is feeling the effects of the long-term drought ravaging the province.

City leaders are concerned as damn levels continue to drop, with the average capacity of its supply dams sitting at below 33%. The metro has already implemented its Stage 3 water restrictions program.

Dam levels continue to drop and the municipality’s two largest dams, which supply East London and Mdantsane, have dropped to 23% and 18% of capacity respectively.

Mayor of the Buffalo City metro, Xola Phakathi, says they are looking at other means of bringing water to the communities.

“The are many other options that we are discussing … one being the provision of boreholes for the rural communities, so that we can have sustainable water provision for those communities, but also looking at the possibility of a desalination plant. Because now, we have concluded that because of climate change, we are not going to have sustainable rainfall,” says Phakathi.

Buffalo City in the grip of a lengthy drought:

Organised business in the metro is concerned.

Lizelle Maurice, CEO of Border Kei Business Chamber, says they are trying to influence water use patterns.

“We created a water focus program, where we can actually see how we can influence our public and create awareness campaigns to say water is a scarce resource because the industry needs water to operate,” says Maurice.

Residents believe the municipality must take the lead in saving water.

“Fix all the taps to make this issue easy and the people must go to BCM and report this,” says a resident.

“I think the municipality should be the one taking the lead to preserve and to educate people and become aware of the situation that it’s facing,” says another resident.

The municipality is ramping up its public awareness campaign and urged residents to also report water leaks.

Drought-stricken municipalities in Eastern Cape breathe a sigh of relief:



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