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Bheki Cele
15 arrested for muggings at Global Citizen Festival
6 December 2018, 6:25 AM

Police Minister Bheki Cele says 15 people have been arrested and about 50 crime-related cases opened following the 2018 Global Citizen Festival at the FNB stadium in Johannesburg, last Sunday.

Cele was briefing the media in Parliament on Wednesday following complaints from some concert goers that they were mugged after the event.

Cele says a number of police officers, including security personnel from eight private security companies, were deployed to the stadium.

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Stella Ndabeni Abrahams
SOS Coalition warns the new Communications Minister
5 December 2018, 12:00 PM

The civil society group SOS Coalition has warned the new Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams that she may be acting unlawfully by meddling in SABC affairs.

The cash-strapped SABC is facing more problems with speculations of at least three board members reportedly stepping down amid allegations of political pressure.

The route of the problem is over whether the program to retrench employees should continue. Organisations, SOS coalition and Media Monitoring Africa are calling on those board members to rescind their resignations and for the minister to resume communication with the board.

National Coordinator Duduetsang Makuse says the Communications Minister has a role to exercise through Parliament to try and keep the broadcaster alive.

“Everybody needs to calm down and consider the fact that they are looking at the possibility of a public broadcaster actually shutting down this time around.”

Makuse says that this is the biggest crisis the SABC has faced in the democratic era.


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Matric results
2015 matric pupils still fighting for release of results
5 December 2018, 11:42 AM

Pupils at the centre of 2015 mass copying scandal are fighting for their matric results for all subjects to be released.

The prolonged battle between the Department of Education and Mashiyamahle High School in Ndwedwe, one of nine schools, is still on-going.

The pupils are demanding the release of all their original results that were withheld for four years due to allegations of cheating.

Learners were asked to write supplementary exams,  however their results have not been released.

Basic Education Department spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga says that calls for interviews and investigations were met with reluctance and violence. He also states that the department has moved the certificates from being issued at the school to the district officers.

“The results have always been available, it’s only that we withheld subjects that the allegations of group copying but they have been demanding that all results including the subjects that there were allegations on be released.”

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Picture of a green field.
Mixed opinion on land expropriation report vote
5 December 2018, 10:24 AM

The National Assembly passed the Constitutional Review Committee report on land expropriation without compensation with more than 200 votes on Tuesday.

The report recommended that Section 25 of the constitution be amended to allow land expropriation without compensation.

The majority of parties in the National Assembly supported the report. On Wednesday the Chief Whip will pass the motion or propose the motion to the House for the setting up of a committee that will try and change the constitution.

Former Chairperson of Parliament’s Review Committee on Land, Vincent Smith shares his perspective on the matter.

“I think that we will never have stability unless people feel that they part of the mainstream economy. They part of having their dignity restored and land has been central in our struggle for many years.”

Smith also believes that South Africa is different and hence the reason why this initiative will be successful compared to other countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

“When we moved from apartheid to democracy nobody believed we could do that, nobody believed that we… and afterwards they said well this is a miracle nation because it suited people then that we should and forgive the sins of the past. I don’t think we will go Zimbabwe route because ours is very different. We went to the people, we’ve learned a lot from the past.”

The DA, FF-Plus, ACDP, COPE and IFP were against the report. DA MP Annelie Lotriet expresses opposition to the report because of the obscurity around it.

“We oppose the report because we believe the report is absolutely flawed, the process was flawed. It was steamrolled; it was done in a reasonably short time… Secondly we also believe that quite frankly it is a problem that the constitution and the amendment to the constitution is now being seen as the absolute solution for everything that the government hasn’t been doing for 25-years.”

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Pastor Giet Khosa
CLR plans code of conduct for pastors
5 December 2018, 10:20 AM

The CRL Commission is coming up with plans to draw up a code of conduct for pastors. This as an attempt to rid the country of bogus prophets who use religion to siphon money from people.

Religious Leaders Council General Secretary and CEO of the Rhema Bible Church, Pastor Giet Khoza says that they are determined to involve other stakeholders in order to keep order among religious leaders.

“We are determined to come up with some kind of agreement from all religious leaders to say certain behaviour cannot be accepted and agree on certain values. It’s a bit tough for us but we are determined.”

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