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Stranger reaching out a hand.
Parents urged to be more vigilant with children
30 December 2018, 11:53 AM

The Durban’s Municipality Festive Season Management Committee (FESMAC) says they have taken in over 80 lost children a day at the Durban Beach front since the start of the holidays.

About 700 children have since been reunited with their parents. Now, with an influx of visitors expected in Durban ahead of the New Year celebrations, FESMAC operations manager Malcom Canham says parents need to be more vigilant.

He says parents should also put wrist bands on their children, to make it easy for them to be reunited if they wander off.

“Thus far we’ve had quite a few children separated and we’ve taken them into our overnight school where we house them but we have nobody remaining so the system works very well to reunite parents with their children. What we have along the beach front is separated children’s tent so if a child is separated from their older siblings or their parents they are taken to the separated children’s tent. It’s been very good while we’ve had a high number going through the tents sometimes 87 in a day that number is reduced so numbers taken to the school might be down to seven in one day so it varies per day.”

New Year’s Eve preparations

KwaZulu-Natal is gearing up for a busy New Year’s Eve. Over 20 events are expected to take place across the province. SABC reporter Mlungisi Khumalo has more on the New Year’s Eve preparations.

Shepherd Bushiri
Police confirm 3 dead during stampede at Bushiri’s church
30 December 2018, 10:47 AM

Police have confirmed that three women died during the stampede at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s church in Pretoria on Friday night.

Police spokesperson, Augustinah Selepe says police heard about the incident on Saturday afternoon.

The church told SABC News that the stampede occurred during heavy thundershowers as congregants were trying to find shelter.

Selepe says initial reports suggest that the deceased were taken to a funeral parlour by members of the church.

“Police are investigating a case of inquest after three unknown African females died and nine injured after a stampede at Shepard Bushiri’s church at Tshwane Events Centre on Friday night the 28 of December.

“Our preliminary report indicate that the community assembled at the show ground to attend the church service around 8pm at Hall C. According to them when the rain started the congregation started to push each other and a stampede occurred, unfortunately that lead to three deaths and nine injuries,” Selepe explained.

According to them when the rain started the congregation started to push each other and stampede occurred, unfortunately led to three death and nine injuries.

On Saturday,  Tshwane Emergency Services said they only transported one person, with bruises to hospital.

Enlightened Christian Gathering Church’s legal representative, Terence Baloyi, said the stampede happened after a thunderstorm caught the congregants off guard and they tried to get shelter inside the church at the Tshwane Events Centre. Baloyi says people started to panic and some got injured.

Injured people were taken to Kalafong Hospital and Pretoria West Hospital. The three deceased were taken to a funeral parlour.

The police invite anyone with a missing person believed to have attended the church service to visit Pretoria West Police Station.

Extra precautions for New Year’s Eve service

The Enlightened Christian Gathering Church of prophet Shepard Bushiri in Pretoria says they are taking extra precautions for the New Year’s Eve service.  Baloyi says they will conduct the service at the stadium at Tshwane Events Centre but will have five halls on standby if it rains.

“As a church the lesson learned is basically that we are on guard, be it natural disasters or whatever may come unexpectedly. We need to ensure we have capacity, be it in the form of a shelter where people can hide, such as tents, if need be. That’s what we’re working on. And also want to make sure as people come in we direct them to the halls immediately, nobody should be loitering around because as a result this is what happens.”


Robots seek to encourage gender-based violence free society
30 December 2018, 7:24 AM

The Department of Women will officially launch on Sunday the Children’s and Men’s Robots which seek to bring generational change and ensure a gender-based violence free society.

The Department says the Children’s Robots aim to condition the country’s next generation on how to be a good friend and educate them about the negative impacts of aggressive activities.

This follows the launch of the Women’s Robot by President Cyril Ramaphosa on National Women’s Day.

The Department says it has empowered thousands of women and girls through benchmarking healthy, as well as unhealthy relationships.

Spokesperson Shalen Gajadhar says the initiative is carried out through a series of dialogues.

“We constantly hear that men are the perpetrators of gender-based violence. What we’ve heard through dialogue we’ve heard men tell us that they themselves do not know what it means to be good men. We found that very poignant and said let’s develop a robot for men, so we have a robot that speaks to men. And we say for you to be a good partner, you need to support your partner’s ambitions for example, or you can forgive without causing harm. You can say I’m sorry.”

Activists in support of Clifton Beach protest
30 December 2018, 6:51 AM

Several activists, including the African Progressive Movement (APMO), came out in support of the protest picnic at Clifton’s Fourth Beach on Saturday.

The picnic followed the alleged forceful removal of beachgoers last Sunday.

Security guards belonging to the security company, Professional Protection Alternative, allegedly ordered them to leave the beach when they converged at the beach for their annual sunset picnic gathering.

APMO has since called on the City of Cape Town to provide answers to the incident.

An activist explained, “We are peacefully picnicking today to basically highlight the incompetence of our government to take responsibility for their action on the public. It was not racially motivated. Many things have been stripped away from us. We want competence and so far the City of Cape Town have not given us have not given us competence answers that is what we seek and we seek justice and there should consequences for what the PPA did.”

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South Africans urged to practice fireworks safety
29 December 2018, 12:49 PM

New Year is just days away and in the midst of the jolliness, South Africans have been reminded that while fireworks are spectacular, safety is paramount.

In efforts to mitigate potential injuries caused by fireworks to users the Johannesburg Emergency Services is targeting those who supply them, to ensure they comply with by-laws.

Authorities look to educate the public on how to avoid injuries and fires.

This shop owner Pregasan Rama says they’re doing their best to promote basic fireworks safety tips.  “We try to guide, we try our best to guide after taking it home then when not sure how they do it.  We show them how to put on the ground, make sure there are bricks around. Make sure it’s away from people; make sure there are no trees around so that when you blow the fireworks it doesn’t come back down falling on the floor then backfires.”

Parents need to make sure their children are aware of dangers of using fireworks. With the festivities in full swing children are always excited to be part of it.

Some safety tips to handling fireworks correctly are to :

  • Obeying all rules on the packaging as well as local rules in your area
  • Have knowledge about the type of fireworks you intend on using,
  • Adult supervision is imperative,
  • refrain from drink and operating fireworks,
  • always keep a safe standing distance,
  • keep water around in case of emergency
  • never keep fireworks on your person.

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