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New born baby
Mother loses baby after giving birth in front of clinic
21 December 2018, 11:34 AM

A woman has lost her baby after giving birth in front of the gate of Tshino clinic in the Vuwani area of Limpopo on Thursday.

Spokesperson for the Limpopo Health Department Neil Shikwambana says the woman did not find any nurses on duty, as the clinic does not operate on a 24 hours basis.

He says, however, nurses should have been on standby for emergencies.

“It was reported that there is a woman who on labour unfortunately she could not find nurses there, although that clinic works on a call hour basis, that is when a patient comes in, there would be somebody to assist them – although it does not work for 24 hours. Unfortunately that woman ended up giving birth at the gate of the clinic, and the baby died…. we have actually dispatched a high level team to conduct thorough investigations so that necessary actions are taken.”

Child rape
Male nurse arrested for alleged rape
21 December 2018, 11:18 AM

A 26-year-old male nurse from a private hospital in Barberton, Mpumalanga has been arrested for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl.

The suspect, who is a friend of the victim’s father, allegedly raped the girl at her father’s home.  It is alleged that the girl was rescued by her father’s partner.

The girl alleged that the suspect, who is her father’s friend, came to the house on Saturday night. He then asked about her father. The man then demanded her father’s fire arm. The suspect then locked the door and instructed her to take off her clothes. She says he then allegedly started raping her.

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother says the incident has destroyed her child. She says currently the girl is receiving counselling from the pastor of their church.

“I’m so deeply hurt very, very deeply hurt. It feels like somebody has broken my heart because this is my first born. I’m hoping and believing that it won’t affect her through counselling. I believe she will be healed.”

Members of the community allegedly went to the suspect’s home, but he fled. The community then vandalised the house. On Monday, the father of the suspect handed him over to the police.

Mpumalanga Police spokesperson Leonard Hlathi confirmed that a case of rape is being investigated. The man is expected to appear before the Barberton Magistrate’s Court on Friday for a formal bail application.

“We arrested him on Monday, and on Tuesday he appeared in court for the first time. He is currently expected to appear tomorrow (Friday) for a formal bail application… ”

Bail denied for suspect accused of murdering Miguel Louw
21 December 2018, 11:16 AM

The 43-year-old suspect accused of killing nine-year-old Miguel Louw has been denied bail at the Durban Magistrate court.

Mohammad Ebrahim is facing charges of murder, kidnapping and theft.

He allegedly kidnapped and killed Miguel in July. The boy’s decomposed body was found near Ebrahim’s home in Verulam, north of Durban.

Refusing bail, the magistrate ruled that the accused had failed to prove to the court that he had exceptional circumstances to justify releasing him on bail.

Inmates behind bars.
Sun City prison gets surprise visit from DCS
21 December 2018, 11:02 AM

The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) conducted a surprise inspections in prisons across the country as part of Operation Vala on Thursday. In Johannesburg’s Sun City prison, a lot of contraband was confiscated, including cellphones and weapons.

Deputy Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Thabang Makwetla says they hope to intensify these types of searches.

What was supposed to be a regular day for the prisoners in Suncity turned to more than they could have anticipated as Warders busted into their prison cells for a surprise inspection.

Deputy Minister Makwetla explains more about the raid: “If we don’t remove all of these things that when there are disputes among them, when there are some nefarious plans among them, they use in order to advance those plans. If we don’t remove these objects, then the situation gets worse. So what we are doing is disruptive to their plans they don’t like it but it is in their advantage and we must do it, we have that responsibility.”

Hundreds of inmates were ordered to line up in the courtyard outside, while kneeling down with their hands behind their heads while the Warders and the Deputy Minister embarked on the search – moving from cell to cell, bed to bed to find illegal objects.

During the raid drugs, cellphones, money, home appliances and more were found. Even a pair of uniform shoes belonging to a Warder – which the Department believes could only mean that someone from inside is helping the prisoners to smuggle illegal items in and out of prison cells.

Makwetla says these operations will continue next year. “The reason why we are here today is because as we are launching Operation Vala. Our concern is that we must remove as much stuff in the centre of the cells as is possible that can be used to fan violence over this period, especially objects and weapons that can be used to hurt each other.”

Deputy Minister Makwetla says they will launch a probe into how a pair of warder’s shoes ended up in a cell and find out who they belong to, since this contradicts everything the Correctional Services stands for. He further stated that the prison raids are for the safety of the inmates.

“These are shoes of an official – these are official shoes for officials… If it is found in the cells then there is smuggling going on. The offender will be cleaning these shoes for the official, and the offender will be paying the official which is not allowed.”

After the inspection was over, the Deputy Minister addressed the inmates. Prisoners confirmed that Wardens are often involved in criminal activities. Prisoners raised a number of other concerns as well… one inmate complained about sleeping at the top of the bunk bed, even though he is crippled.

The Minister has stated that he will come back at another time as he could not listen to everyone’s concerns due to time.And as for the inmates’ confiscated items, it is said that an investigation will be launched so that Sun City retains its status as more than just a prison but also as a rehabilitation centre for prisoners.

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SA appoints new CEO for troubled state arms firm Denel
21 December 2018, 10:06 AM

South Africa appointed a new Chief Executive Officer to state-run arms firm Denel on Thursday, as government tries to turn around the cash-strapped company plagued by years of mismanagement after the previous CEO resigned in May.

Daniel Du Toit is expected to take up the role in January, according to a joint statement by the ministry of public enterprises and Denel’s Board.

“We look forward to working with Mr Du Toit to provide direction to Denel,” said board chair Monhla Hlahla of the former managing director of SAAB Medav Technologies in Germany.

“The reputational damage Denel suffered over the past two years had led to a loss of confidence from stakeholders, including the banking and investment community, who in turn, were unwilling to extend credit facilities to the company.”

South Africa’s state asset manager has quietly bought up almost 90% of Denel’s bonds in the past 12 months, as private investors say they are reluctant to lend to the weapons company because of its previous management’s involvement in a corruption scandal.

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