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Gauteng Department of Health partners with faith-based organisations to set up vaccination sites at places of worship
11 September 2021, 9:05 PM

The Gauteng Department of Health has partnered with faith-based organisations to set up vaccination sites at places of worship across the province.

This is aimed at vaccinating communities as part of its efforts to ensure that places of worship can resume hosting normal services as soon as possible.

With the threat of a possible fourth wave of COVID-19 infections, the Gauteng Department of Health says they are working with multiple stakeholders to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

Spokesperson, Kwara Kekana says the pop-up sites will have both walk-in and drive-thru.

“The Gauteng Provincial Government’s drive to vaccinate 10 million people by this December will see the province scale-up the campaign to take the vaccine to places of worship as from Sunday, 12 September. Vaccination has proven to be effective in minimizing severe illness, hospitalisation, and deaths in the event one contracts the coronavirus. The vaccination team will register and vaccinate all persons who are 18 years and above. All you need to do is to bring your proof of identity with you. The pop-up site will provide both walk-in and drive-thru vaccination,” says Kekana.


Pastors call for the president to allow churches to operate fully:

Latest COVID-19 statistics in SA

The Health Ministry says 53 555 people received a vaccine in the latest 24 hour reporting period – continuing the trend where much lower numbers of people get a vaccine over the weekend.

Government had been hoping to give up to 300 000 vaccines a day, but so far, has not achieved that number. More than 7.1 million people are now full vaccinated in South Africa.

A further 143 people have passed away from COVID-19-related complications in the latest 24-hours reporting cycle, taking the national death toll since the pandemic outbreak in South Africa to 84 751.

The country has also recorded 5 309 new COVID-19 infections, with total positive cases now at 2 854 234.






(Correction) Many of the insurgencies in Africa may have originated as a result of 9/11: Analyst
11 September 2021, 8:01 PM

EDITORIAL NOTE: The earlier story titled “Some militant groups in Africa may be drawing inspiration from 9/11 attack: Analyst” has been changed to better reflect the analyst’s views.

Analyst and Senior Research Fellow, Lebohang Pheko, says many of the insurgencies that have taken place in Africa have their origins in the 9/11 attack and are really a response to much that has happened since 9/11 and since 2001.

This comes as the world remembers the 9/11 attacks in the United States (US) 20-years ago, which resulted in the deaths of nearly 3000 people.

Four planes full of passengers were used as guided missiles by suicide attackers to crash into landmark areas in New York and Washington on 11 September 2001.

Pheko says that many of the insurgencies have their political genealogy that is connected with al Qaeda.

“When we think about the insurgencies that take place as a result many of them in fact have their origins in the 9/11 and are really a response to much that has happened since 9/11 and since 2001. So if we look for example at the insurgencies that are taking place in places like in Mali, even here next door to us in Mozambique, places like Kenya, Uganda, Somalia, and Sudan many of these certainly have their origin, not so much their origins, but have a political genealogy that is connected with al Qaeda. I do think that it is also important to note that the sort of radicalization that has taken place over the last 20 years is again are partly a response to what has been viewed as the excesses of a US regime.

It is also important to avoid the sort of Islamaphobia. And the linking of all things terrible to Islam and to view this as part of International Relations.”

Lebohang Pheko discusses the successes and failures of the war on terror:

9/11 attacks changed the world order on so many levels: 

George W. Bush calls out the threat of domestic terrorism on 9/11 anniversary

Former President George W. Bush spoke about the threat of domestic terrorism on Saturday (September 11) during a speech to mark 20 years since the September 11, 2001, attacks that occurred during his presidency.

“We have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come, not only across borders but from the violence that gathers within,” Bush said. “There are little cultural overlaps between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home … they are children of the same foul spirit, and it is our continuing duty to confront them.”

Bush also called for unity amid growing political division in the U.S.

“When it comes to the unity of America, those days seem distant from our own,” he said. “Malign force seems at work in our common life … so much of our politics has become a naked appeal to anger, fear, and resentment.”

Bush and his wife, Laura Bush, appeared at the 9/11 memorial site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where United Airlines Flight 93 crashed after passengers overcame al Qaeda militants who had hijacked the aircraft.
The 9/11 attacks, which killed 3 000 people in New York, Washington and Shanksville, prompted Bush to launch a US-led invasion of Afghanistan that ousted the Taliban from control in Kabul and sent al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden into hiding.

His administration’s subsequent invasion of Iraq on the erroneous claim that Saddam Hussein’s authoritarian government had illicit weapons of mass destruction diverted resources and attention from Afghanistan, leaving US strategy there adrift, former officials and experts say.

Biden’s withdrawal of remaining US military forces in Afghanistan at the end of August, months after a deadline set by his predecessor Donald Trump, triggered harsh criticism from both Democrats and Republicans, as the lightning-fast Taliban takeover stranded Americans and Afghans seeking to evacuate.

In a July interview with German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle, Bush called the pullout a mistake and said he worried “the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad.”

Speaking about US veterans who served in Afghanistan, Bush said “you have been a force for good in the world and nothing that has followed can tarnish your honour.”

Additional reporting by Reuters

20th anniversary of 9/11 terror attacks | Update from the US and UK

NSFAS calls on private sector to assist with funds for tertiary students
11 September 2021, 7:01 PM

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, NSFAS, has called on the private sector to assist with funds for students in the tertiary sector.

NSFAS has received an unqualified audit opinion from the Auditor General.

NSFAS Board Chairperson, Ernest Khosa, has described the clean audit as a significant achievement in the right direction.

“The time has come for the private sector to come on board. The private sector is the biggest consumer of skills as we believe with the audit outcome that we got, we now have a leg to stand on to confront the private sector and say: the funding crisis in this country is our elephant, please come join us,” says Khosa.

NSFAS receives unqualified audit: Ernest Khosa

Mixed reactions over children taking part in Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine trial
11 September 2021, 5:01 PM

South Africans have expressed mixed reactions over children taking part in the Sinovac COVID-19 trial. On Friday, the first group of children took part in the trial at the Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University in Pretoria.

2000 South African children between the ages of six months and 17-years have been enrolled in the trial which involves a total of 14 000 children in five countries.

Participants will receive two doses of the Sinovac vaccine.

This is what some people had to say.

“In my opinion, the COVID vaccine on children will give us a greater step towards heard immunity and that’s what we need to curb coronavirus. So if it’s going to help in the greater scheme of things, I agree with this option.”

“This is ridiculous, we can’t use our children for vaccines where you don’t know what’s going to happen.”


“This I am totally against, I can’t believe that Sinovac would want to come here and trial a vaccine on our children”

VIDEO: SAHPRA authorises Sinovac’s CoronaVac jab for use: Dr Aslam Dasoo

Indoor rowing championship introduces rowing to youth from disadvantaged backgrounds
11 September 2021, 7:30 AM

250 learners from various schools and clubs country-wide have played in the eighth edition of the South African national indoor rowing championships in Polokwane, Limpopo.

Rowing South Africa says the indoor rowing development programme is aimed at introducing rowing to youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Participants in the South African national indoor rowing championship were scaled down from 500 to 250 due to COVID-19 protocols.

Indoor rowing is a development programme to introduce people to water rowing. Rowing takes place inside water where participants use sticks to move the boat. Participants have described the sport as one of the best as they are able to showcase their fitness level.

“I’m feeling better to be in rowing I feel good I’m so happy… It’s such a great opportunity to come here, from the Eastern Cape, and this is my first year and for me is so special because I get to show my fitness and my talent in the sport,” says one participant.

Rowing South Africa coordinator, Virginia Mabasa says identified players from the indoor rowing championship will be introduced to water rowing.

“We will have development camps which are set to start the last week of September the aim is to progress these rowers to water rowing. As much as we started this development programme indoors, we then create this opportunity for them to be on the water and this for us to test their ability, their skills. Every province will have their camp in their own province and the aim, of course, is to select them to be part of the development squad.”

Chief Director for sports development in the Limpopo Department of Sports, Veronica Mokgonyane says they will expand rowing to all the districts to ensure that it is included in the province’s sporting codes.

“We are aiming to develop this sporting code so that it can feature in all the five districts of the province. We need to expand more so that rowing is an Olympic sport and rowing is one sport code that is able to quickly develop. Our champions are able to develop the skills that our young people have,” saysMokgonyane.

Seven provinces were represented in the indoor rowing national championship held at Ngoako Ramathlodi Centre in Seshego.

Rowing South Africa says Gauteng and the Western Cape were not represented because they are far ahead in the development of the sport.



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