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Zuma stands very little chance of having prison sentence set aside: Advocate Hoffman
2 July 2021, 9:11 PM

Constitutional law expert, Advocate Paul Hoffman, says former president Jacob Zuma stands very little chance of having his 15-month prison sentence set aside by the Constitutional Court.

Zuma has filed an urgent application for the rescission of the Constitutional Court ruling in which he was sentenced for contempt of court.

Zuma has until midnight on Sunday to hand himself over to police.

Advocate Hoffman says it is possible for an order that has been granted in error to be set aside but the apex court’s order to Zuma was not granted in error and it cannot be overturned.

Hoffman says he believes Zuma is trying to buy time.

“They have been given opportunities to raise questions like ill-health. Now intention is dismissive to court powers and jurisdiction over Mr Zuma and he chose to ignore the request for an affidavit setting out the litigation circumstances and instead to write a long [submission] via trial consisting of largely false accusations against the court and the Zondo commission. So I’m afraid he has made a bed and is going to have to lie in it.”

Update on the former president’s situation as deadline to go to prison looms: 

The Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association (MKMVA) says Zuma’s constitutional rights have been compromised and it will not allow him to be sent to jail. MKMVA spokesperson, Carl Niehaus was speaking in Nkandla …

“All of these issues are fundamental constitutional matters which have been eroded away. Despite all of these comrades, we saw a travesty of justice happening in front of our eyes this week with that judgment of the acting chief justice, justice Sisi Khampepe.”

Support for Zuma

Zuma’s supporters have vowed to prevent law enforcement agencies from arresting the former president.

A former ANC councillor in the Nelson Mandela Bay metro, Andile Lungisa, has taken a petition to the Motherwell Magistrate Court to oppose the incarceration of Zuma.

Lungisa and supporters of the former president are demonstrating against his arrest and imprisonment.

He maintains that Zuma’s sentence goes against the constitution and as an elderly person he can be exposed to COVID-19 in prison.

“We will also petition the NEC of the ANC to say [former] president Zuma is an elderly citizen like all elderly citizens in this country, the pandemic is severe and serious and kills elderly people. That is why we have decided and joined by other comrades to take this petition to say [former] president Zuma cannot be arrested.”

14 rescued from illegal initiation school in the Eastern Cape
2 July 2021, 8:54 PM

The King Sabata Dalindyebo Initiation Forum says it has rescued 14 initiates from an illegal initiation school in Mqanduli in the Eastern Cape.

Three of the initiates managed to escape and disappeared into the bushes.

Three traditional nurses and one parent have been arrested.

Contralesa provincial secretary Chief Mkhanyiseli Dudumayo says among the rescued initiates were under-aged boys.

The manhunt for the three initiates who fled is under way.

Traditional nurses and a parent will appear at Mqanduli Magistrate’s Court for contravening COVID-19 regulations.

Chief Dudumayo has called on traditional leaders to report illegal initiation schools in rural areas.

Illegal crossings into SA by Eswatini citizens have increased as unrest continues
2 July 2021, 8:37 PM

The number of people crossing into South Africa illegally from Eswatini has increased in recent days. Some are fleeing the civil unrest while others are crossing into the country to buy food and other goods.

Eswatini is experiencing a shortage of daily essentials such as fuel and food, due to the ongoing protests against King Mswati the third’s rule.

Shops and schools remain closed in Eswatini following several days of violent pro-democracy protests, looting, and the vandalising of property. Some roads remain blocked in that country, making it difficult to deliver goods.

Citizens are now crossing illegally into Nkomazi in South Africa,  to top up on their daily essentials. Many people who reside in this part of Mpumalanga, have relatives in Eswatini.

This area has a number of informal border gates which people use to cross into and from Eswatini on a daily basis.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has also led to some using informal borders to avoid health protocols.

Meanwhile, Nehawu in Mpumalanga has joined the EFF at the Mananga border post in Nkomazi to picket in solidarity with the people of Eswatini.

EFF members protest at Mananga border in solidarity with people of Eswatini: 

Cosatu Provincial Chairperson, Life Monini, says as a federation they thought it important to join hands with other organisations to highlight the plight of the people of Eswatini.

“What is happening in Swaziland [Eswatini] is just pure exploitation. We have been speaking to our counterpart here in Swaziland [Eswatini] for some time now, now that they stood up and voice their frustration and their anger and you have a regime that is killing its people. More than 40 people you should know 40 have been killed. We have more than 200 people that sustained serious injuries, they are in hospitals nailed by the soldiers unleashed by the king himself.”

Monini says the king should listen to the people. He says blockades will be intensified next week because they cannot sit back while their African brothers are struggling.

“Workers and some leaders in the country are on the run and we know that they might want to run away from the regime and come to South Africa. We cannot ignore what is happening in Swaziland [Eswatini] because it is wrong and injury to one worker anywhere in the world is an injury to us as workers, members of Cosatu and workers in general in the world so, we are saying we are not going to sit back, we are going to support the people of Swaziland [Eswatini] with everything that we have.”

Operations at the Oshoek border post have returned to normal and trucks carrying goods have been cleared to cross into Eswatini.

Meanwhile, MTN has confirmed that the Eswatini Communication Commission gave it a directive to suspend access to social media and other online platforms until further notice.

Unpacking ongoing Eswatini protests with Dr. VVO Mkhize: 

Motorists, taxi industry react to newly launched AARTO system
2 July 2021, 6:51 PM

Motorists and the taxi industry have reacted to the newly launched Transport Department’s AARTO system. Announced on Thursday, Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said the introduction of the AARTO system is geared towards reducing the flouting of traffic laws by motorists.

However, the taxi industry and motorists have their own views.

The AARTO system will be introduced in phases and will culminate with the introduction of the points demerit system which will see motorists losing their driver’s licenses for violating traffic laws.

However, some motorists have slammed this regulation saying it will be more of a money-making scheme for traffic officials than promoting road safety.

Casious Nkuna is one of the motorists.

“We know how corrupt our traffic officers are. So I do not think it’s going to bring any change on our roads. You will find a bus that is coming from Beit Bridge in Hamanskraal and you ask yourself, how did that bus travel all the way on the N1 without being stopped or returned to where it’s coming from. It is only corruption that is going to continue happening. Traffic officials are going to get richer and richer every day.”

This motorist also agrees.

“We live in a very lawless environment. Where people would not even care if their licenses are suspended or not. As we speak we have many people who are driving without licenses. So it wouldn’t even matter to them. In my opinion, I think traffic authorities should focus more on police visibility and current laws that we have.”

The AARTO Amendment Act was signed into law by President Cyril Ramaphosa in 2019 and it introduced a process to administer traffic offences. It was first piloted in the Cities of Tshwane and Johannesburg in 2008 and now it’s being rolled out nationally. But it will be done in phases and will culminate with the points demerit system.

Santaco spokesperson, Thabiso Molelekwa, says it will engage with government about their concerns.

“Our instruments of governance need to recognise the unique nature of the sector. We will engage with the minister of transport to present the plight of the industry on these issues.”

The National Taxi Alliance’s, Theo Malele, says it’s not in support of the system.

“This promulgation should not be supported by the taxi industry. The issues that we want clarity on are in relation to moving violations. If a driver gets hired by us we need to vet those drivers and we do not have such facilities. And it may happen that you already hire a driver who already has demerit points.”

The transport department says an independent Appeals Tribunal will also be introduced to enable those who want to appeal against the rulings of the Road Traffic Infringement Agency.

New demerit points system to effect on 1st July: Layton Beard

Nkandla residents share their views on Zuma’s jail sentence
2 July 2021, 6:04 PM

Many people from the vast rural Nkandla area in northern KwaZulu-Natal feel, for different reasons,  that former president Jacob Zuma should not be sent to jail after being found in contempt of the Constitutional Court.

However, there are also those that think the law should take its course.

In recent years Nkandla has become synonymous with former president Zuma and his controversial home. But Nkandla is a 1 800 square kilometres area and has a population of 114 000 people.

SABC News visited ordinary people who live about 10 kilometres away from Zuma’s large, fenced residence. Driving on gravel roads crisscrossing the area where the hills are dotted with rondawels, it is not uncommon to come across cattle ambling across the road.

Going about her business around her home, the 90-year-old Ngenzeni Ndlovu speaks with conviction about Zuma’s jail sentence.

“I don’t want Zuma to go to jail, there are many cases happening in government all of them linked to Zuma. It’s sad to me that by refusing to go to the commission that means he should be sent to jail, why? People should remember Zuma is somebody’s child as well and it is so painful giving birth, I repeat I don’t want Zuma to be jailed.”

Kwanele Buthelezi-Ndlovu says Zuma had served and helped many people at Nkandla, and feels that the court should have taken this into account. Buthelezi-Ndlovu is worried about tensions building up in the area.

“We do not want Zuma to be arrested. He is an old man and for us who live with him here in Nkandla, he is not dangerous but very helpful. He has assisted so many orphans, some went to universities through his foundation. He has built homes for other poor families. So I think those who want to arrest him need to reconsider their decision because tensions are building up in our area. Sometimes we are even scared of leaving our homes, we do not want bloodshed. They need to leave Zuma alone.”

Zuma supporters at Nkandla

Some elderly men in the area are also up in arms about Zuma’s sentence. Funukwazi Ndlovu says Zuma is one of their own, somebody who still respects traditions like traditional skins, also called ibheshu.

“I am deeply saddened by what is happening to Zuma. It is the first time seeing a leader being persecuted like this.  We have in the past heard of leaders like Botha who refused to go to Truth and Reconciliation Commission, they were never dragged to courts, but we are puzzled why Zuma is continuously attacked. We are hearing he is going to jail, which has angered so many people. We are fuming, this time around we have even put aside our political differences of either being ANC, IFP we are going to fight for Zuma as one of our own Zulu people. Even when he was the president of the country, Zuma remained with us, practiced our culture, continued to wear our traditional animal skin regalia, he is deeply rooted in our traditions. He is always preaching respect to our community, even when he addresses us he calls us his brothers.”

A young man, who spoke on condition of anonymity, feels Zuma should go to prison and serve his sentence.

“Eish, for me I think Zuma should not allow the situation to get out of hand, he should lead by example and go to jail to serve his time, he is a leader. Anyway, he was afforded a chance to go and testify before the Zondo Commission but he chose to walk out of it. Even if there are political battles, his decision not to go to the commission led to where he is now. Anyway as ordinary people we are also watching if the police will treat Zuma differently should he not hand himself over, no one is above the law.”

The Jacob Zuma Foundation has indicated that the former president will address the nation this weekend.

In terms of the Constitutional Court order, he must hand himself over to the police at the latest at midnight on Sunday.

Zuma supporters gather at his Nkandla home:



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