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Vote count and returns in LGE 2021 at 93% early Thursday morning
4 November 2021, 12:56 AM

The vote count and results announcement in the 2021 local government elections reached 93% by 1am on Thursday.

According to the IEC’s website, results so far include the following statistics:

  • 21 576 of 23 148 Voting Districts completed
  • 3930 of 4468 Wards completed
  • 184 of 213 Municipalities completed
  • 6981 of 8794 Seats allocated

The website also indicated that vote counts completed in provinces at 1am on Thursday include:

  • Free State: 100%
  • North West: 99%
  • Northern Cape: 98%
  • Limpopo: 95%
  • Eastern Cape: 95%
  • Mpumalanga: 94%
  • Gauteng: 93%
  • Western Cape: 89%
  • Kwazulu-Natal: 85%

The IEC expects to announce final results later on Thursday.

National support for the political parties so far indicates the ANC has secured 46.2% of the vote, the DA 21.05%, the EFF 10.4%, the IFP 5.49% and the FFPlus 2.42%.

Other and smaller parties have secured around 11.5% nationally, while independents secured almost 2% in wards around the country.

LGE2021 | IEC website shows 100% of votes counted and declared in Free State
3 November 2021, 10:14 PM

According to the IEC’s website, counting in all 1564 voting districts in the Free State has been completed. Results show the ANC has won the majority of party votes in all 19 councils in the province, but has a full majority in only 15 of the councils. 4 councils in the Free State will require coalitions to form local governments. The ANC secured 50.61% of the vote in the province, the DA 18.7%, the EFF 12.4% and the VFPlus just over 4%.  The CSIR predicts that the Metro of Mangaung will be retained by the ANC with a majority just above 50%.

Action SA could be country’s 5th largest political party after local elections
3 November 2021, 8:51 PM

The CSIR predicts that the proportional representative vote won by ActionSA in Gauteng would make it the 5th largest political party nationally when all votes have been counted and verified. With 87% of votes counted across South Africa, the CSIR predicts ActionSA will end up with 10.2% of votes in Gauteng, which will place it fifth of all parties nationally on 2.5%. That would place it behind the ANC (46.2%), the DA (28.5%), the EFF (10.5%) and the IFP (6%), but ahead of the VFPlus, which is projected to end with 2.3% of the vote nationally.  The 2021 Local Government Elections is the first election contested by ActionSA, formed by former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba.

Only ANC and DA have control in local councils with almost 60% of vote counted
3 November 2021, 5:09 AM

With the vote count in 100 of 213 municipalities completed by 5am on Wednesday morning, a picture of dominance by two parties, the ANC and the DA, is emerging at local council level. The ANC is leading the vote count in 74 councils and has secured control of 54 councils, while the DA is leading in 21 councils and have an outright majority to control 11 councils across the country. Only 2 other parties have so far secured leading votes in councils. In Kwazulu-Natal the NFP has the lead in one council and in the Western Cape ICOSA has the most votes in one council. This picture could still change significantly as only 58% of the vote has been confirmed and returned to the IEC by 5am on Wednesday. The IEC said earlier that votes counted overnight would reach at least 90% by Wednesday morning.

LGE 2021 | Western Cape results indicate record number of hung councils
3 November 2021, 2:51 AM

The number of hung councils in the Western Cape has increased from 8 in 2016 to 14 so far in the 2021 Local Government Elections, with three council results still outstanding as of 3am on Wednesday morning.

Amil Umraw, SABC Research Analyst, says this means coalitions will have to be considered in at least 6 more municipal councils after all votes are in.

Results are still expected for the George and Breede Valley councils.

Graph below indicates number of councils with completed voting percentages and the top 3 parties in each council.



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