Australia’s grim climate outlook

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Expect prolonged bushfire seasons, less rain, and more frequent droughts – that’s the dire warning from Australia’s weather bureau in their biennial climate report Friday.

The Bureau of Meteorology said Australia is going to continue to warm, and that changing climate patterns can be attributed to an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere triggering more extreme weather events.

The report said that the country’s climate has warmed on average by 34.5 degrees Farenheit (1,388889 degrees Celsius) since 1910 and this will result in more wildfires, droughts, and marine heatwaves.

Fires ravaged more than 37 million acres of bushland across the southeast of Australia earlier this year, killing at least 33 people and billions of native animals -in a disaster Prime Minister Scott Morrison called Australia’s “black summer”.

Still, Morrison has refused to match other developed countries in setting a target for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 but has said that the country, in line with the Paris accord, expects to reach net-zero emissions after 2050.