Aubrey Manaka gets two life sentences for killing Precious Ramabulana

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The Limpopo High Court has sentenced Aubrey Manaka to two life terms in prison, 8 years and 15 years, for the rape and murder of Capricorn TVET College student Precious Ramabulana.

Manaka confessed that he noticed Ramabulana a day before he stabbed her with a knife inside her off-campus room.

Manaka has been sentenced for the murder of Precious Ramabulana:

He had been visiting his aunt at Mokomene village.

In his statement, he also claims that he had initially planned to romantically propose to her.

Manaka apology

Manaka who pleaded guilty to the murder and rape apologised to the family and the public for the crime.

He said he understands the pain he has inflicted on the family.

In the video below, Manaka pleads guilty: